Dr. Pamela Buchbinder: Where is Michael Weiss’ Ex-Girlfriend Now?

Image Credit: CBS News

CBS News’ ‘48 Hours: The Psychiatrist and the Selfie’ delves into the attempted murder of Dr. Michael Weiss at his office in Manhattan, New York, in November 2012. The investigation later revealed that Michael was attacked by Jacob Nolan, the cousin of Michael’s ex-girlfriend, Dr. Pamela Buchbinder. As the police would later learn, Jacob claimed Pamela was the one who orchestrated the attack. So, if you’re wondering what exactly happened, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Dr. Pamela Buchbinder?

At the time of the incident, Dr. Pamela Buchbinder had been living in New York City, New York, and cared for her then-four-year-old son, Calder. Michael was the kid’s father, and after a custody battle, he agreed to Pamela having full custody and him having generous visitation rights. Furthermore, Jacob, who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression, had been living with her.

Image Credit: CBS News

While Pamela agreed to give Jacob therapy sessions and keep an eye on his medication, he helped with Calder’s care. As for her relationship with Michael, there were allegations of domestic abuse on either side. But what happened on the morning of November 12, 2012, changed their lives forever. On that day, Jacob went to Michael’s office with a duffel bag containing a sledgehammer, a knife, and zip ties.

After Jacob signed in using his own name, he waited for Michael, then asked for forms related to Calder’s school. Jacob went into the bathroom at that point and came out swinging the hammer against Michael. An altercation ensued, leaving Michael with multiple stab injuries and Jacob with wounds to his chest and hand. When Jacob spoke to the police, he stated that Pamela had put him up for the attack and was the mastermind behind it.

A closer look at Pamela and Jacob’s relationship revealed several red flags. There were pictures of him in Pamela’s bed in just his underwear. Dr. Sasha Bardey, a psychiatrist who evaluated Jacob, later said, “When you think that you’re seeing pictures of, essentially, a patient and his psychiatrist … it’s really horrific. It’s really creepy.” Pamela’s text messages to Jacob were also questionable; she called him Lovey and said in one text, “You are remarkable. You are brilliant. I have so many thoughts about you.”

Jacob told the police that Pamela claimed Michael abused Calder, and he didn’t pay child support, but there was no evidence of that. He further mentioned that Pamela bought the sledgehammer at a local Home Depot on November 11, 2012, with the surveillance footage from the store seemingly confirming her paying with cash. As for the knife, Jacob stated that his cousin packed the duffel back with the hammer and the knife.

Dr. Pamela Buchbinder Remains Incarcerated Today

The authorities also learned of a map that Pamela drew the night before the incident. It indicated the various entrances of Michael’s building, possibly helping him avoid security. However, Pamela claimed that the map was to help Jacob with Calder’s care. She denied having any role, but phone records showed a flurry of activity between her and Jacob leading up to the attack.

Image Credit: CBS News

In December 2015, a family court judge gave Michael full custody of Calder, saying Pamela was involved in the plan to kill her former boyfriend. She was also barred from having any contact with her son for five years. Another motive was Michael’s $1.5 million life insurance policy. While the primary beneficiary was Calder, Pamela asked Michael to name her as the irrevocable trustee just days before the attack.

Pamela was arrested in October 2017, and in September 2022, she pleaded guilty to first-degree attempted assault and burglary. The following month, she was sentenced to serve 11 years behind bars and told her ex had been issued an order of protection against her. She was also forbidden to reach out to her son. According to prison records, this 54-year-old remains incarcerated at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in Westchester County, New York. She will be eligible for conditional release on March 19, 2027.

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