Dreaming Whilst Black: The Drama Series is Filmed in England

Image Credit: Anup Bhatt/BBC

Based on the eponymous UK web series, Showtime’s ‘Dreaming Whilst Black’ is a comedy-drama series that follows a young aspiring filmmaker named Kwabena who feels trapped in his recruitment job. To add more to it, his mother wishes that he was an accountant. Despite all these challenges, he finally gets the opportunity of his dreams, that is, to pursue his dreams of becoming a filmmaker. The question is, will he be brave enough to make the swap between his dead-end job for his romantic ambitions?

Created by Adjani Salmon, Max Evans, Natasha Jatania, and Laura Seixas, the comedy show stars Salmon as Kwabena who struggles to find a balance between his larger-than-life dream and the harsh realities of life. Accompanying him in supporting roles are Dani Moseley, Alexander Owen, Babirye Bukilwa, and Tom Stourton, who elevate the narrative with their compelling presence and acting on the screen. Given the interesting locations in the backdrop of several scenes, the audience is bound to wonder where ‘Dreaming Whilst Black’ is filmed.

Dreaming Whilst Black Filming Locations

‘Dreaming Whilst Black’ is filmed in England, especially in London and Watford. As per reports, principal photography for the inaugural iteration got underway in October 2022 and was carried out over the course of several months. Now that you know the “when,” you might wish to know the “where” in a detailed manner. In that case, here are all the specific locations that feature in the Showtime series!

London, England

A significant chunk of ‘Dreaming Whilst Black’ is lensed in London and its surrounding areas. Reportedly, the production team traverses through the bustling capital and sets up camp in different streets and neighborhoods to shoot pivotal sequences against suitable backdrops. While most of the interior scenes are taped inside actual establishments, it is highly likely that a few of them are shot on a sound stage or two of one of the film studios located in and around London, such as Camberwell Film Studios, Kennington Film Studios, Pinewood Studios, and Elstree Studios.

In an early August 2023 interview with British Comedy Guide, the co-creator and star, Adjani Salmon, was asked about his experience filming the series and if he had any favorite moments. He responded, “Filming the series was challenging, however, we had a great cast and crew, so they made it enjoyable. Ironically, my favorite moments are some of the more dramatic ones, because they really forced us to stretch ourselves. The dramatic moments in Episode 4 were some of my favorites.”

Watford, England

The shooting for many important scenes of ‘Dreaming Whilst Black’ also takes place in Watford, the town and borough situated in England’s Hertfordshire. The location manager, Catherine Myers, was reportedly searching for a number of family homes in order to shoot important interior scenes involving the principal characters. They seemingly utilize detached or semi-detached properties with colorful décor and patterns in Watford. When it comes to the exterior shots, you are likely to spot some local attractions in the backdrop, including Market Street, Holy Rood Church, Watford Town Hall, Watford Colosseum, the Watford Palace Theatre, and the Watford Museum.

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