Where is Elizabeth Kendall Now?

If you’ve tried to find out about Ted Bundy‘s life, chances are that you have come across Elizabeth Kendall’s name at least once. Liz Kendall was Bundy’s long-term girlfriend, who was dating him around the time he began his killing spree in 1974. But over the years, very little has been known about her. Liz Kendall lived a quiet life with her daughter after Bundy’s execution. Whatever we knew of the woman came from the little-known memoir Liz wrote back in 1981, titled, The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy.

It comes as no surprise that Bundy left the masses fascinated by his charming demeanor and horrifying acts. Year after year, we have seen documentaries, films and podcasts, that have highlighted the notorious murderer. Trish Wood’s ‘Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer‘ then offers a much-needed change in the picture.

With the latest offering on Bundy, Wood digs deeper than anyone else has before. The series offers a cultural view of his killings, bringing to us a patchwork of narratives of the women whose lives he impacted, including families of his victims, and the few survivors. For the first time in forty years, it includes Liz’s story. She opens up about the complicated relationship she and her daughter, Molly, had with Bundy. How shattering it was for them to understand and get out of the situation. If you’re wondering where Elizabeth Kendall is now, you’re at the right place. Here’s everything we know.

How Did Elizabeth Kendall Meet Ted Bundy?

First things first, Elizabeth Kendall’s real name is actually Elizabeth Kloepfer. She wrote under a pseudonym around the time, for obvious reasons. Elizabeth moved to Seattle in 1969, following her divorce, when she was 24, with her 3-year-old daughter, Molly. She was working at Washington University as a secretary at the time.

Liz met Ted back in September, 1969, when she had gone out with a friend to the Sandpiper Tavern. This was five years before the killings began. Liz and Ted danced together, and then he dropped her home, and stayed the night. The next day, he woke up early, got her daughter up, and cooked breakfast for them. Soon, Liz and Ted were dating, and their initial months together felt flawless. It would be important to note that Ted came into their lives during a really vulnerable phase.

Abuse and Threats

The three soon became a family, and Ted was a father-like figure to Molly. The docuseries features photos of the three of them at birthday parties, taking pony rides, on ski trips etc. They look like a picture-perfect photo album of a happy family. But of course, this wasn’t the case.

After dating for several years, Liz wanted to get married. The two even got a marriage licence. But Bundy flipped his mind, and tore the licence. With the gift of hindsight, Liz realized the series of verbal abuse she experienced at the hand of Bundy, who used to threaten to kill her.

One of these incidents included the time she found out plaster of paris, crutches, and women’s undergarments in his room. Another included the time she confronted him about his stealing habits. She also once became pregnant, but because Ted was going to leave for law-school in Utah, she got the child aborted. Despite how intense their relationship was, Ted showed no interest in taking her to Utah with him.

Did Elizabeth Kendall Inform the Police?

Things began to get stranger around 1974 when the killings first began. Bundy used to go missing for several days, but he always mentioned his reasons. And when they were together, he was always the man she loved. Though things took a turn when Ted was finally spotted at Lake Sammamish, from where he kidnapped and killed two women. A sketch of Ted was circulated in the news, and it was stated the man called himself Ted, wore a cast, and crutches. It was also mentioned that he drove a Volkswagen.

When Liz first saw the image with the story, she was struck with immense fear. The sketch resembled her Ted, who also drove Volkswagen. She also remembered seeing the crutches and plaster of paris in his room. So, Liz decided to talk to the police. But the police didn’t take her seriously. They even once told her that he didn’t seem like the right candidate. This happened thrice. After Ted shifted to Utah, she realized that the killings stopped in Seattle and began in Utah instead. She finally got in touch with a lady detective, and helped them with the case.

Where is Elizabeth Kendall Now?

Photo Courtesy: Keith Norton

Elizabeth Kendall went through a downward spiral when her worst fears were confirmed. Even after Bundy was released on bail after being convicted for attempted kidnapping, the two briefly resumed dating. She obviously loved him, and felt that he could not be capable of such acts. But there were circumstantial evidence that stated otherwise. But this change immediately after Bundy got convicted for murder, and later confessed to over 30.

Liz went through an extremely rough time around this time. She was struck by guilt, regret, shame, among several other negative emotions. It felt like everything that she loved about her life had shattered. She took to drinking heavily for a long while. But she later decided to go to Alcoholics Anonymous and get her life back together. It was during this time that she distanced herself from both Bundy and the police. But Bundy continued to call her and send her letters. In one such call, he revealed that he had tried to kill her once in her sleep. Eventually, she decided to cut all ties with him, despite how difficult it was for her.

After Bundy’s imprisonment and execution, Elizabeth made it a point to stay out of media’s eyes. Liz and her daughter, Molly, live a quiet, peaceful life in Washington, and Liz has been sober for decades.