Where is Filthy Rich Filmed?

Fox’s latest family drama, ‘Filthy Rich’, brings back the old-school soap-opera feels. The story follows the uber-rich Christian family who spread the word of the Lord and earn big bucks through their Christianity-themed TV network. The Monreauxes are a close-knit, seemingly perfect Christian family led by their patriarch who places most emphasis on upholding the family values. Ironically, he passes away in a plane crash… along with his two young mistresses. Left behind are his wife, sequin-loving Margaret (played by Kim Cattrall) who has to take charge of the family business as it’s on the cusp of expanding into the retail side of things, his ambitious son Eric, and his fashion designer daughter Rose, whose only aim in life is to get some distance from her over-bearing mother.

After the patriarch, Eugene, dies, his secret life of extra-marital affairs is revealed. He has three illegitimate children – all from different women, all named in his will. Margaret tries to pay them off but when that doesn’t work, she tries to take them into the family fold, as long as they play by her rules. When so much power, money, and religion collide, it’s every man for himself and every woman for herself, with everyone in the charmed Southern family looking out for their own best interests. Margaret is more than capable of running the empire on her own but she might need the occasional help from family, only she doesn’t know who she can place her trust in.

Apart from Cattrall, the show stars Benjamin Levy Aguilar, Corey Cott, and Aubrey Dollar among others. If you’re curious to know where ‘Filthy Rich’ is filmed at, we’ve got you covered.

Filthy Rich Filming Locations

‘Filthy Rich’ follows the soapy and dramatic lives of a mega-rich Southern family, so it makes sense that the series is filmed entirely on location in the southern state of Louisiana. From the cityscapes to historical grand homes, almost all the locations are in Louisiana.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Majorly, the first season was filmed in the city known as The Big Easy, with southern charm and old-world grace oozing in every scene. Viewers will be able to spot some famous New Orleans landmarks and neighborhoods like the Bayou and the French Quarter. The Central Business District is a prominent location.


St. Joseph and Felicity Plantations, Louisiana

St. Joseph Plantation and its sister plantation, the Felicity Plantation, both located on the west bank of the Mississippi River in the town of Vacherie, St. James Parish, Louisiana, are the most prominent and major shooting locations for the show. The Felicity Plantation serves as the palatial home of the Monreauxes. You may also recognize the historical location as the slave plantation in ’12 Years A Slave’.

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