Where is Gavin Smith’s Wife Now?

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The sudden vanishing of 57-year-old Gavin Smith in May 2012 left his loved ones with many questions. But as searches turned up empty, they feared the worst. Sadly, they would turn out to be right when Gavin’s remains were found more than two years later in a desert in Antelope Valley, California. Investigation Discovery’s ‘The Perfect Murder: Jump Shot‘ deals with Gavin’s murder and the ensuing trial. Gavin’s wife, Lisa, was a constant fixture throughout the search for her husband, making sure she was present during court proceedings. So, if you’re wondering where Lisa might be now, here’s what we know!

Who is Gavin Smith’s Wife?

Lisa and Gavin lived in West Hills, California, with their three sons. By all means, they were the picture of a perfect family. But the couple’s relationship was not without its pitfalls. They were dealing with some financial and personal problems. Gavin had a painkiller addiction that he dealt with. He went to a rehabilitation clinic as part of his recovery, where he met Chandrika Cade-Creech. He began an intermittent affair with her in 2008. At the time of his disappearance, Gavin had moved out of the family home and was temporarily living with a friend. Lisa later stated, “I was the love of Gavin’s life. He adored me. Our family was exactly what he wanted to have. He just got lost.”

On the morning of May 1, 2012, Lisa spoke with Gavin regarding picking up one of their sons for school the next day. At the time, she had been taking care of her mother, who was dealing with cancer. The family reported him missing on May 2 when Gavin failed to show up. Soon, it was apparent that Gavin going missing was not intentional. His drug issues and his affair were then looked at more closely by the investigators.

Lisa said of Gavin back in 2012, “I love my husband. The not so pretty aspects, I would have preferred to be kept to myself… he didn’t mean for this to happen. For him to disappear off this earth… I’m devastated. I’m a mess. My hair’s falling out. I’m losing weight trying to support my family. I was quiet out of respect for my family and respect for the investigation.” The search for Gavin proved to be unsuccessful, and in May 2014, he was declared dead by the authorities.

Gavin’s decomposed remains were found just a few months later in a shallow grave in Antelope Valley. John Lenzie Creech, a convicted drug dealer and Chandrika’s husband, was charged with the murder. While he was acquitted of first and second-degree murder, he was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Where is Gavin Smith’s Wife Now?

Lisa was present at John’s sentencing hearing and hoped the judge would hand him down the maximum sentence. She said, “He wouldn’t man up to what he did. Eleven years isn’t enough, but I understand that’s the maximum you can give him.” In an earlier statement, Lisa also said that she believed Gavin’s death was a result of premeditated murder carried out by John. As per the show, Lisa and her children moved out of California after the trial. Lisa has since seemed to have shied away from public attention, given the case’s high-profile nature. If reports are to be believed, Lisa lives in Keaau, Hawaii, but beyond that, not much is known about her.

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