Where is Guilty Party Filmed?

CBS’ Paramount+ original ‘Guilty Party’ is a dark comedy that follows the struggles of Beth Burgess (Kate Beckinsale), a desperate journalist who tries to reinvent her career. Beth latches on to the story of Toni Plimpton, who has been convicted of the murder of her husband, even though she claims that she is innocent. Beth promises Toni that she will uncover the truth behind the murder, to free Toni from prison if she agrees to cooperate with her. Toni, skeptical of Beth, gives her a hard time, but Beth is determined to get to the bottom of the truth in between her own personal issues.

Written by Rebecca Addelman and directed by Trent O’Donnell, ‘Guilty Party’ is a satire on the white savior trope and an emotional drama that explores the relationship between Beth and Toni. As Beth tries to help Toni by investigating Toni’s husband’s murder, she gets involved in an unforeseen turn of events consisting of guns, smugglers, and the wrath of her own marriage. In the series, the arresting beauty of snow-clad mountains and valleys provides a perfect background for the adventures of Beth, inspiring us to delve into the locations of the show. Here’s what we found about the filming locations of ‘Guilty Party!’

Guilty Party Filming Locations

The filming of ‘Guilty Party’ takes place in Canada. The filming of season 1 reportedly began in March 2021 and reportedly concluded on May 29 of the same year without any significant delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though the show is set in Denver, Colorado, you would be surprised to know that ‘Guilty Party’ is completely filmed in Calgary, in the state of Alberta, Canada. Let’s dive into more about the specific filming location of the show!


Calgary, Alberta

The third most populous city in Canada after Toronto and Montreal, Calgary is a city in Alberta with everything at its disposal. With mountains, plains, and rivers in one extreme, Calgary has astonishing skyscrapers on the other and stands as a suitable locale for entertainment productions of varying settings. The state of Alberta also issues funding and other services for filming in the state, especially in the city of Calgary.

The inaugural season of ‘Guilty Party’ was filmed in Calgary during the late winter and the early dry spring of 2021, when the plains and mountains were snow-covered, enhancing the beauty of the region. As seen in the series, the roads running through the snow-filled valleys and plains are a captivating sight. Beth’s adventures are unleashed in these locales, and viewers can’t help but be enthralled by it.

Another fascinating sight in Calgary is the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The North-American mountain range passes through Calgary and offers a breathtaking visual appeal to the city. The penitentiary where Toni is imprisoned situates at the foot of a snow-covered mountain in the range, alluring the viewers to the beauty of Calgary.

Calgary is also home to several rivers and creeks, which spellbinds one’s mind. Geoff Stults, who portrays Marco Baker in the series, expressed his amazement to film in Alberta, sharing his adventure through the bewitching nature of the locale. Jules Latimer, who portrays Toni also shared her enthusiasm to be in Calgary, as the series is filmed.


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