Where Is Helstrom Filmed?

Another series based on the characters from the MCU, ‘Helstrom’ is a standalone story that revolves around the characters Daimon (Tom Austen) and Satana “Ana” Hellstrom (Sydney Lemmon). With possible ties to Satan himself, the Helstrom siblings are the children of Victoria Helstrom/Mother (Elizabeth Marvel), who work together to rid the world of malevolent forces. Other actors who are part of the series are Ariana Guerra, June Carryl, Alain Uy, and Robert Wisdom.

The central theme focuses on the dynamics within the Helstrom family, which comes out as a strong play on the nature-versus-nurture theory. The family splits because of the father, and each of them goes on to build a life of their own. The dynamics are very complex between the estranged siblings, as they are the closest to each other in the world but also the farthest apart in a lot of ways. This is heavily influenced by their relationship with their mother, who is way more complicated than the person she seems to be. Let’s find out the places where ‘Helstorm’ is filmed!

Where is Helstrom Filmed?

Created by Paul Zybszewski, it largely falls under the genre of horror and fantasy. Although the cast has not revealed much about the location of the filming, ‘Helstrom’ is known to have been shot in Canada under the working title, ‘Omens.’ Here are the specific filming details!

Vancouver, British Columbia

‘Helstrom’ is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, mostly at night to capture the tone of the story. It has strong elements of horror and supernatural, but the filming process was grounded in reality. The show tried to avoid green screens as much as possible. A lot of stunts on set were real, and the actors had to act vigilantly in the given situations. An example of this was the set catching fire in an incident while shooting a particular scene. The actors also tried to do most of the stunts themselves, especially the fight sequences, although they received solid support from their stunt doubles.

One of the biggest challenges for the actors was the limited information each of them was given. They were not aware of what would happen in the next few episodes and in what direction were their characters headed. They were only told as much as they needed to know, and they read only the episode that they were going to film. The cast of the show was also quite spooked out a lot of times. One of the incidents they have talked about in a lot of different interviews was the time when two security personnel entered the cast tent to check up on them because they thought they heard a bear.

Turns out, it was Elizabeth Marvel doing her vocal warm-up for her character as Mother. She also revealed that she temporarily damaged her vocal cords by screaming into pillows in her hotel room in the process of getting that bellowing voice for her character. She had asked to be informed a night before filming those scenes so she could “prepare” her voice accordingly. Although the production team hadn’t asked her to do this, she wanted to ensure the quality of her acting was not affected by special effects, which can sometimes be noticed in the final cut.

Ariana Guerra was actually terrified of Elizabeth Marvel because of the character she was playing. In the beginning, Guerra had a hard time distinguishing between her character and her real self since she had never worked with Elizabeth Marvel before. Here is a video from Alain Uy having fun with the team of ‘Helstrom’ in Vancouver.

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