Where is Janet Abaroa’s Son Now?

Janet Abaroa’s murder case lay in murky waters until some clarity was shed on it. While some still question the credibility of the verdict against Raven Abaroa, it is still a fact that none of his stories added up. While her family suffered gravely due to her death, the greater injustice was the manner in which her newborn son was left without a mother. As years have grown like shrubs over the case, ABC’s ’20/20′ aims to bring it back to further shed light on how it all went down.

Janet met Raven Abaroa in South Virginia University. The two, who had a mutual love for soccer, soon fell in love. They also shared the same faith being Mormons and often attended church together. Eventually, they decided to get married two years into their relationship. The relatively young couple then moved to North Carolina in pursuit of job opportunities and found work in the same company. Everything was fine until it wasn’t.

Raven asked Janet for a divorce, stating that he had been cheating on her with several other people. Even before Janet could process this news, she soon found out that she was pregnant. She had her own inhibitions about being a single mom. She expressed her concerns to her family and close friends, who tried to talk to Raven Abaroa. Eventually, Raven made a turnabout in his decision and told Janet that he is staying with her. According to her sister, Sonja Flood, he said he would not cheat on her again. She said, “He promised, swore up and down that he would no longer cheat on her and that she was the only one for him. He would make it work.” And after this, on October 17, 2004, Kaiden Abaroa was born.

Janet’s sisters stated that though she wasn’t exactly happy in her marriage, she was really excited to be a mother. And, in general, she was known in her family for being really good with children. Unfortunately, Kaiden did not have the opportunity to grow up and be with his mother as Janet was killed in April 2005. After Janet Abaroa’s death, Kaiden was taken by his father to Salt Lake City, Utah. Raven Abaroa met Vanessa Pond, who would later be his wife through Kaiden’s daycare center. In any case, things did not go well, and Raven Abaroa was convicted in 2014. Even prior to this, he was in jail following his arrest in 2010. Due to his alleged involvement in the crime, Kaiden was left not only without his mother but also bereft of his father.

Where is Kaiden Abaroa Now?

Kaiden Abaroa’s custody was given to Raven Abaroa’s mother, Karyn Abaroa-Bolton, and his step-father, Jim Bolton. Kaiden, who will be 16 this year, lives in Utah. It seems like he is growing up like any teenager his age.


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