Where is Mark Harmon Now? Will Agent Gibbs Return to NCIS?

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Mark Harmon’s NCIS Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the driving force of CBS’ thriller series ‘NCIS,’ specifically until its nineteenth season. After solving several high-profile cases and witnessing those cases’ impact on his family, Gibbs departs from NCIS in season 19 upon deciding to stay in Alaska. Gibbs’ decision open a gateway for Mark Harmon to leave the show almost after two decades. As the show’s twentieth season progresses without Harmon’s character, the admirers of the actor have been trying to figure out what happened to him. If you want to know where he is now, you are at the right place!

Where is Mark Harmon Now?

Mark Harmon departed from ‘NCIS’ after the fourth episode of the nineteenth season. Although the actor is not part of the show’s cast anymore, Harmon hadn’t technically left the show altogether. He is still serving as one of the executive producers of the show. In fact, he was even present on the filming sets of the show now and then. “He does pop in. I saw him two weeks ago actually. So, he’s around. It’s not like he’s packed up and left town or anything,” Harmon’s former castmate Sean Murray, who plays NCIS Senior Field Agent Timothy McGee, told Parade in May 2022.

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Thus, it is safe to say that ‘NCIS’ is still a home for Harmon. After leaving the show as a performer, Harmon hasn’t yet joined any other projects as an actor, which indicates that he must have taken a break from the profession to spend his time with family members. He currently resides in Santa Monica, California, with his wife Pam Dawber. Since the show primarily shoots in California, Harmon may continue to visit the filming sets of the series. We are also awaiting any announcement from the actor’s side regarding his future projects if he is committing to any in the near future.

Will Gibbs Return to NCIS?

Mark Harmon’s return to ‘NCIS’ is indeed a possibility, especially since he is still involved in the show off-screen. In the same Parade interview, Sean Murray expressed his optimism regarding the same. “I’m not saying this just to say it for a tease and all that BS, I really, truly believe that the Gibbs could pop up somewhere. I really believe that there’s a possibility of that happening,” the actor said in the interview. “[…] regarding the future of Gibbs, as long-time fans of the show may have noticed over the years… never count Leroy Jethro Gibbs out,” showrunner Steve Binder said in a statement, confirming that the character may feature in the show in the future.

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As far as CBS is concerned, Harmon is still a part of the show and Gibbs indeed has a door open for him to return to the series. “Mark’s always been part of the show, Mark’s always going to be part of the show. In terms of his on-air appearances, we’re just going to have to see how it plays out going forward,” CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl told Deadline. “Everyone is aware that the door is open if he [Harmon] ever wants to pop in for an episode, or multiple episodes,” Kahl told TVLine.

But the most influential factor that will govern Gibbs’ return is Harmon’s readiness or wish to return to the show he headlined for nineteen seasons. “There’s always head space for him [Harmon] to come back. It just has to be the right story, I think, to get him excited about it and to get us excited about it,” Binder told TV Insider. “It’s a card to play, and I don’t think we want to play it cheaply. I think when we do play it, it really needs to be the right thing,” he added.

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