Where is Melissa Rycroft From The Bachelor Today? 

In the infamous season 13 of ABC’s high-ranking show “The Bachelor,” Melissa was turned down weeks later during the last ceremony ‘After the Final Rose.’ It is almost cruel to call the woman ‘jilted in love’ specially after she has already been announced the winner. But Melissa courageously faced the embarrassment of it all in addition to the heartbreak at the hands of the man she thought was the ‘one.’ Jason, for a long after this incident, was the subject of unending hatred and public outcry yet he remained steadfast in his decision to take a shot at Molly Malaney and turn it into a lifelong commitment.

Years later, Chris Harrison took everyone down the memory lane by hosting ‘The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!’ and seems to have sprinkled salt on their burns. Melissa, Jason and his wife Molly, all three took to their social media accounts to say their side of the story and to plead their fans to be “kind” in dealing with the whole situation. Each one, in their own way, expressed how content they are in their present lives and would not trade it for the world. But all this does make one wonder where Melissa Rycroft is and what has she been up to? Here is what we found out:

Where is Melissa Rycroft Now?

Melissa is a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and after participating as a bachelorette on “The Bachelor,” she gained much fame, but not for right reasons. Right after that, she competed in the eighth season of Dancing with the Stars, replacing an injured Nancy O’Dell and partnering with Tony Dovolani. She finished in 3rd place. She thoroughly enjoyed her journey as did her fans, seeing her owning the stage with her amazing moves and killer abs! Rycroft then appeared again in the all-star season of the same show and won it this time. 

 Rycroft went on to host reality-TV competition shows such as “Bachelor Pad” and after anchoring at the Tribune morning show “Morning Dose”, quit the job in 2018. Currently, she is the host of CMT’s reality-TV show “Redneck Island.”

Is Melissa Married Now? Does She Have Children?

After the humiliation of being rejected, Melissa became friends with her ex-boyfriend Tye Strickland, an insurance agent, and the two rekindled their relationship. After having matured from the experiences of their individual lives, they felt as if they were now better suited for each other. They had met first back in 2006 at their hometown Dallas. After sharing an on-again, off-again kind of relationship for almost three years, came back to each other in March 2009, stronger than ever!  She does not regret the events of this year, as during the course of three months after “The Bachelor” aired, she got engaged and married to her fiancé in Mexico.

The journey taken together by Melissa and Ty has been blessed by the benign presence of their three children. Their first child is a daughter named Eva begotten in 2011 followed by two sons, Beckett in 2014 and Cayson in 2016. They make a wonderful family together with laughter and joy overflowing in all that is captured and posted on their various social media handles. They have also sheltered a couple of puppies and are proud pet-parents and love to pose for a picture along with their big, happy family.

The show might have had an unconventional ending but to Melissa, things could not have turned out any better. She is nothing but grateful for whatever circumstances brought her back to her now-husband Tye and is extremely at peace with her past.

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