Where is Michelle O’Connell’s Daughter Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Citizen P.I.: Sleuths Under Fire’ delves into the case of Michelle O’Connell’s death. The young mother was found dead in her boyfriend’s home in September 2010. But the mysterious circumstances surrounding Michelle’s death have been important talking points over the past few years.

In the aftermath, Michelle’s young daughter, Alexis, was left without her mother. While Michelle’s death was officially ruled a suicide, her family believed she could not have killed herself, one of the biggest reasons being her daughter, Alexis. So, if you’re wondering where the latter might be today, here’s what we know!

Who is Michelle O’Connell’s Daughter?

Michelle had Alexis when she was only 20 years old. Growing up, Michelle had a difficult childhood with anger issues and depression. However, she worked hard to make things better, and once she had Alexis, she did everything she could to keep her safe. Ciara Morris, a friend of Michelle’s, said, “Lexi was her world. Everything that you asked Michelle to do, it was always, ‘Well, how is this going to affect Lexi?'” At one point, she worked three different jobs before finally gaining full-time employment at a daycare center.

On September 2, 2010, Michelle’s boyfriend, Jeremy Banks, called 911 to report that Michelle had shot herself. The authorities didn’t take long to rule the death a suicide. Michelle’s mother, Patty, expressed surprise upon learning that, adding, “I was told that Michelle killed herself, and I knew that — I said, ‘That’s not Michelle’ because Michelle loved Alexis, and she would never have left her!”

Before the incident, Michelle had gone to a concert with Jeremy and a few others. At the time, her sister, Chrissy, was babysitting Alexis, who was then four years old. During the show, Chrissy received texts from Michelle where she asked to take good care of her daughter no matter what. But, she also texted Chrissy after the concert, saying she would come by soon to pick up Alexis, but that never happened.

Where is Michelle O’Connell’s Daughter Now?

In the end, while Michelle’s family believed that she was murdered, Jeremy has never been arrested in relation to the death, and Michelle’s death has officially stayed a suicide. When the Florida Department of Law Enforcement looked into the case, Alexis was interviewed as well, and it seems like she witnessed some of the alleged hostility between the two adults. After Michelle’s death, it was reported that Alexis moved to Virginia with Patty, who was raising her. A few years later, Alexis said in an interview regarding her mother, “I miss her, and I wish she would come back. She’s an angel now.”

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