Where is Mr Inbetween Filmed?

Adapted from the Australian film ‘The Magician,’ ‘Mr Inbetween’ is a black comedycrime series that follows Ray Shoesmith, a dangerous and charismatic hitman who carries out violent missions for his boss Freddy without ever questioning his intentions. He juggles his work as a hired gun and his responsibilities as a father and friend, which ultimately begins to take a toll on his relationship and emotional well-being. The comical, entertaining, and action-packed show is loved by viewers worldwide, who may sometimes get curious about the filming location of the series. If you find yourself wondering about something similar, we have got you covered.

Mr Inbetween Filming Locations

The black comedy-crime series is filmed entirely in Australia, mostly in and around New South Wales. Located in Oceania, Australia is the largest country in the area, and its film industry is overwhelmingly dominated by foreign content. New South Wales, which is a southeastern Australian state, is home to iconic architectural marvels like Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. The shooting for the show is done in many locations in the state. So, without further ado, let’s learn more about these places.

Sydney, Australia

The principal photography for all the seasons is done in Syndey. Production for season 3 reportedly began in mid-November 2020 and wrapped up in March 2021. One of the largest cities in New South Wales, Sydney, was the center of film production in Oceania in the early 1900s. Unfortunately, after the 1920s, the local projects saw a decline as American production became dominant. However, the city still remains a sought-after filming location and has hosted the shooting of well-known movies like ‘Mission: Impossible 2,’ ‘The Matrix,’ and ‘The Great Gatsby.

Moore Park, Australia

Located just 3 kilometers from Sydney’s City Centre, Moore Park is another prominent filming location for the series. The production there mostly takes place in Fox Studios, Building 16/38 on Driver Avenue. It has nine sound stages with other attractive television and film production services like 3-D printing, post, animation, lighting, camera, sound scoring, VFX, pyrotechnics, and aerial cinematography. The proximity to an international airport and Sydney makes Moore Park an attractive shooting location for filmmakers.


Hay, Australia

‘Mr Inbetween’ season 3 (reportedly previous seasons as well) was also shot in Hay, located in southwestern New South Wales. Because of its arid and rough terrain, the small town offers the ideal filming location for some of the violent action scenes in the series. Charlie Whitaker posted a photo on Instagram after the production for the third and final season was completed in March 2021.

Other Locations in New South Wales

Season 2 of the black comedy crime series took place in over 40 locations around Sydney in 2018. The production wrapped up in 30 days, and one of the prominent locations was Darlinghurst, New South Wales. The eastern suburb of Sydney is popular for its nightlife, cafes, and multicultural restaurants.

Another production location for season 2 is Sefton Playhouse, the adult entertainment club at 54 Clapham Road in Sefton. A few scenes were also shot in different areas in Sefton.

Gladesville Hospital’s Digby House was also used for filming several important scenes. Other locations included Randwick, Maroubra, and Pyrmont. Interestingly, some shots for season 3 were also taken at Gueudecourt Avenue in Earlwood.

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