Where is Nadine Pirotton Now?

Netflix’s documentary series ‘Under Suspicion: Uncovering the Wesphael Case’ delves into the mysterious death of Veronique Pirotton. The wife of a prominent politician, Veronique was found dead in the bathroom of room 602 at Hotel Mondo. Her husband, Bernard Wesphael, was accused of killing her at first. However, he has always maintained his innocence and was even acquitted on all charges.

In part, the documentary takes the viewers through the complex life of Veronique and the days leading up to her death through interviews of her family and friends. Nadine Pirotton, who is heavily featured in the documentary, was one of Veronique’s closest confidants. If you’re curious to know where she is now, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Nadine Pirotton?

Nadine is the older sister of Veronique. As children, they couldn’t spend a lot of time together since Veronique was brought up by her maternal grandparents. Growing up, Nadine stated that her sister was a fragile person mentally, which she speaks about extensively in the documentary. She said that she initially didn’t believe that she was abused by one of her teachers because Veronique never mentioned it to her. She was shocked when their mother received a letter of summons regarding the complaint. According to her, an (allegedly) negligent father led to her emotional issues in a big way.

Nadine stated in the documentary that Veronique was not happy in her relationship with Bernard. She felt that he was not who she thought he was. Veronique had told her that Bernard was riddled with debt and was dishonest with her. According to her sister, Veronique’s drinking problems started while she was married to Bernard. Soon into the marriage, Veronique had also started having an affair with Oswald De Cock.

While Bernard maintained that he only discovered the affair at the hotel, Nadine had stated that Bernard knew about it from much before. The older sister even stated that Veronique’s suicide attempts were a cry for help, especially since she was a loving, caring mother to Victor and would never abandon her son. Both Nadine and her cousin, Bernard Sohet, had always believed that Veronique’s death was not a suicide. Hence, the outcome of the trial had come as a shock to her.

Where is Nadine Pirotton Now?

In an interview from November 2020, she talked about her reasons for appearing in the documentary. She stated that she saw it as a chance to present her sister’s actual story because she felt that her sister’s reputation was maligned during the trial. Evidently, she has put her perspective forth in the Netflix production, giving viewers some insight into the case as only the loved one of a victim can. However, despite her appearance in the documentary, it seems as though she prefers to stay from the limelight. Hence, it it is quite difficult to ascertain her recent whereabouts.

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