Where is Natasha White Now?

Natasha White is the scorned ex-girlfriend of Zachary Sanders who was sentenced to prison for intentionally using her car as a weapon to kill Zachary by running over him in a bout of intoxicated rage. This happened in 2007. Did Natasha really mean to kill her ex, the man she claimed to love? What was the sentence given to her? Where is she now? We’re here to provide you with all the answers to these questions.

Who is Natasha White?

Natasha White, 31-year-old (as of 2007) mother of a teenage boy, was having a clandestine affair with Zachary Sanders for the better part of three years. Zachary decided that he didn’t want to carry on with Natasha and would rather marry the mother of his children and girlfriend of 11 years, Latoshia Renee Richardson (better known as Renee). Natasha was not happy being dumped and got into a drunken fight with Zach on the night of March 31, 2007, outside the Rubicon Pub in Orange, New Jersey (where Natasha worked as a bartender).

As per the eyewitness accounts of Renee (who had arrived at the scene while Zach and Natasha had been engaging in a shouting match) and Zach’s friend Desmond Jones, Natasha had rammed her car into Zach’s parked car not once, not twice but three times. The third time, she had intended to run over Zach and Renee but they had jumped out of harm’s way at the very last minute.

The same scene had repeated itself nine days later, only without Renee and Jones being present. Instead, Zach had been with another friend Bernard Kelly, when Natasha again came to angrily confront her ex-boyfriend. They had both been intoxicated. Outside the same bar on April 09, 2007, Natasha fought with Zach and then got into her Lexus and purposefully rammed into Zach, flipping him on the hood and dragging his body a few feet down the street. Eyewitnesses testified that Zach had banged on the hood of the car shouting at her to stop but Natasha did not let up the gas pedal or brake.

In her defence, Natasha said that she did not intend to kill him but that Zach’s death was a tragic accident. She had only intended to drive off but apparently Zach had jumped on top of her car’s hood, scaring her and causing her to floor the accelerator in a frenzy. Natasha claimed in court during her trial that she was not guilty of murder. But the jury had not agreed and found her guilty on no less than 10 counts of unlawful behaviour that night, including first-degree murder. The judge sentenced her to 40 years of prison time, specifying that she would be eligible for parole after serving 85% of her sentence.

Where is Natasha White Today?

During her court trial, many friends and family including her teenaged son had pleaded for mercy for Natasha, testifying that she was an upstanding citizen and a good mother. But the judge and the jury felt differently, as Natasha had let her rage get the better of her and in a violent burst of anger, purposefully killed her ex, Zachary Sanders. She was convicted for first-degree murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison. Since then, Natasha has appealed for a re-trial in 2013 but that got rejected. She again appealed for post-conviction relief (PCR) in 2016, but her petition was rejected yet again and the court reaffirmed its original sentence. Natasha White is still serving her time in prison.

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