Where is Navajo Ranger Jonathan Dover Now?

During his long and storied career as a Navajo Ranger, Jonathan Redbird Dover investigated a lot of cases, and many of them were regarding paranormal activity. On Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries: Paranormal Rangers,’ Jonathan talks about how it all started in 2000 when he was paired up with fellow Navajo Ranger Stanley Milford Jr. and how they investigated what witnesses claimed were paranormal occurrences. So, if you’re wondering where he might be today, here’s what we know.

Who is Jonathan Dover?

Jonathan Dover had met Stanley Milford Jr. sometime in 1989, and they worked together a fair bit after that; he said that Stanley was like his brother. The two worked in the Navajo Nation, and in 2000, the Chief Ranger called a meeting after a complaint came in regarding a failure to investigate a Bigfoot sighting. As per the show, Jonathan and Stanley were picked to head the division and were told they would receive a bulk of such cases.

One of the earliest cases the two worked on was a potential Bigfoot sighting. Jonathan mentioned following 18-inch footprints with five-foot strides. The team collected some hair stuck in a barbed wire fencing at the time. However, DNA analysis could not identify which animal it belonged to, only that it was carnivorous. Jonathan and Stanley investigated claims of Bigfoot killing sheep and had terrified witnesses describe a large, hairy creature to them.

Apart from that, they had also investigated an orb purportedly seen by one of the residents while she was driving in her car. As per the show, it appeared to follow her before shooting up to the sky. After she told Jonathan, he used a compass that detected magnetic anomalies at two points in the car. A straight line through the two points would have gone through the driver; the witness had woken up with an intense migraine the following morning.

Where is Jonathan Dover Today?

During Jonathan Dover’s time with the department, he was involved with criminal as well as archaeological investigations. Apart from that, he was a trained EMT and was well-versed in SWAT operations. Furthermore, Jonathan’s experience included search and rescue, dealing with hazardous materials, and being an instructor for firearms training. In 2011, he retired after being told by the budgeting staff that what they were paying him was equal to two other rangers’ salaries. That brought his stint of more than three decades in law enforcement to an end.

Jonathan said in October 2021, “We don’t consider ourselves Bigfoot hunters. We don’t consider ourselves X-Files or anything else. We were just doing our jobs. We were assigned these cases. We don’t pursue them on our own time.” From what we can tell, he lives in Leupp, Arizona, and has been working on a memoir in addition to making regular appearances on TV to talk about his experiences.

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