Netflix’s Eva Lasting: Where Was it Filmed?

Created by Dago García, Netflix’s ‘Eva Lasting’ (originally titled ‘La Primera Vez’) is a Colombian comedy series set in the mid-1970s that revolves around the admission of a mysterious teen girl named Eva to an all-boys school, sparking all kinds of emotions among the school’s boys. However, her mysterious and rebellious nature strikes a chord in the heart of Camilo, who is shy and has little to no sentimental experience. On one hand, Eva makes it her responsibility to teach her classmates about intimacy, love, and pleasure.

On the other hand, Camilo desperately tries to win her heart and discovers a dark secret about her that could compromise their friendship or relationship forever. While the romantic yet comedic narrative keeps the audience hooked through each episode, the setting of the 1970s against the backdrop of an all-boys school sparks questions about the actual filming sites of ‘Eva Lasting’ in viewers’ minds. If you are in the same boat of curiosity, allow us to fill you in on all the details regarding the same!

Eva Lasting Filming Locations

‘Eva Lasting’ is filmed entirely in Colombia, particularly in Bogotá. The principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the romantic drama series seemingly commenced in April 2022 and likely wrapped up in June of the same year. Situated in South America, Colombia is considered one of the world’s 17 megadiverse countries and also has the second highest level of biodiversity in the entire world.

Given the country’s diversity, which includes highlands, deserts, grasslands, and the Amazon rainforest, Colombia makes for a suitable filming site for all kinds of productions. Now, without much ado, let’s navigate all the specific sites where the Netflix series is shot!

Bogotá, Colombia

Many pivotal sequences for ‘Eva Lasting’ were lensed in and around Bogotá, one of the largest cities in the world and the capital of Colombia. From what it seems, the filming unit travels across the city to record different scenes, interiors as well as exteriors, against suitable backdrops. Moreover, it is a high possibility that they either utilized the premise of an actual institutional site and decorated it aptly or set up camp in one of the film studios to tape the portions set in the all-boys school.

Located in the southeastern part of the Bogotá savanna, Bogotá is considered the commercial and financial heart of Colombia as it has the most business activity of any city in the nation. Tourism plays a significant role in Bogotá’s economy as tourists in large amounts pay a visit to the city each year. There are many attractions and landmarks in Bogotá, including the José Celestino Mutis botanical garden, the Quinta de Bolívar, the Maloka Museum, Monserrate Sanctuary, and Atlantis Plaza Mall.

Over the years, it has also hosted the production of several film projects, such as ‘Until Money Do Us Part,’ ‘Café con aroma de Mujer,’ ‘All for Love,’ and ‘La Ley del Corazón.’ Therefore, it is actually not surprising why the production team of ‘Eva Lasting’ chose the sprawling Colombian city as a filming site for the Netflix series.

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