Netflix’s Young, Famous & African: All Shooting Locations of the Show

Co-created by Martin Asare Amankwa and Peace Hyde, Netflix’s ‘Young, Famous & African’ is a reality TV series that gives us a detailed account of the personal as well as professional lives of some of the most popular and affluent young celebrities and A-listers who work, play, flirt, and feud. Moreover, as they go on about their lives, the young African entertainers don’t only focus on their respective careers but also look for love and rekindle old flames that ensue some drama.

The high-octane and luxurious lives of these celebrities unfold in the vast terrains of South Africa, presenting a much more vibrant, beautiful, and glossy look of the country, contrary to the stereotypical images that the media has been portraying for years. Well, if you are interested in getting to know the specific details about the filming sites of ‘Young, Famous & African,’ we have got you covered!

Young, Famous & African: Where Was it Filmed?

‘Young, Famous & African’ is filmed in South Africa, especially in and around Johannesburg. According to reports, principal photography for the sophomore round of the docuseries commenced in the late summer of 2022 and seemingly wrapped up in late 2022. Now, without further ado, let us take you through all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Netflix series!

Johannesburg, South Africa

Most of the pivotal sequences of ‘Young, Famous & African’ are lensed in Johannesburg, which is situated in the eastern plateau area of South Africa and is the most populous city in the nation. As the young celebrities live their luxurious and busy lives, the production team follows them across the city and sets up camp in various streets, neighborhoods, and properties to tape some key portions for the reality series.

In many exterior scenes, the viewers are likely to spot some popular and iconic landmarks and buildings in the backdrop. Some of the notable ones are the Trust Bank Building, the Sentech Tower, the Hillbrow Tower, the Carlton Centre Ponte City Apartments, the Adler Museum of Medicine, and the Johannesburg Art Gallery.

In a March 2022 interview with The Native Mag, some of the stars of the show were asked about the most enjoyable parts of shooting the reality series. Nadia said, “The most enjoyable part for me was how our dynamics are as a group. It’s exciting to see how I’m at the beginning of shooting. We might not know every single person but real relationships formed from this experience. I’m sure you Andile, you and Annie would never cross paths if it wasn’t for this kind of platform to bring everyone together, you guys have cultivated a really good relationship even now.”

Kayleigh answered the same question by saying, “I think for me it was the fact that I was unscripted and there was real life everything was 100% real, you know. It wasn’t put on in any way. And then also just being able to meet these amazing people. Every single one of the cast members is amazing, they all have their own personas and they’re all so different but we all come so well—we all come together so well—.”

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