Where Was Power Rangers Dino Fury Filmed?

Conceived by a talented team of writers comprising Alwyn Dale, Johnny Hartmann, Guy Langford, Becca Barnes, and Maiya Thompson based on the super sentai series ‘Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger’ by Toei company, ‘Power Rangers Dino Fury’ is the twenty-eighth season of the hugely popular Nickelodeon television series coveted by young adult fans from all over the world. It showcases a world that is under attack by gruesome and grotesque villainous creatures.

In this season, a new arsenal of heroes must seize the occasion to save the lives of the civilians inhabiting the city. To give it a bit more character, the heroes possess ancient powers fueled by the spirits of dinosaurs. The series mostly unfolds in an urban area as we see villains razing buildings to the ground, and the battle scenes are usually captured in comparatively less populated suburban locations. If you are seeking to identify the specific locations visited by the filming crew, let us give you a detailed tour of them.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Filming Locations

‘Power Rangers Dino Fury’ was filmed in locations around New Zealand and Japan. Filming for the first two installments commenced sometime in early October 2020 and wrapped up by June 2021. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the season was filmed.

Auckland, New Zealand

Since ‘Power Rangers Ninja Storm,’ New Zealand has served as a regular production site of the fan-favorite superhero program. Moreover, the country has been referred to in several ‘Power Rangers’ seasons. Following the trend, the directors chose to film on location in the very same country, in the coastal city of Auckland.

Some sequences were filmed at Mahuhu ki te Rangi Park, a lush urban park located at 13-19 Mahuhu Crescent, in the central business district of Auckland. Moreover, the crew was spotted filming scenes at Victoria Park Market, a bustling commercial hub situated at 210 Victoria Street West in downtown Auckland. The market is full of galleries, offices, restaurants, and studios that are frequented by tourists from all over the world. Additionally, some scenes were filmed around the Glen Eden suburb of Auckland.

Tokyo, Japan

Some of the scenes were filmed in the capital city of Tokyo, a modern metropolis that lies in the heart of Japan. As the series is a joint production between Japan and the US, the action sequences of the US remakes are usually taken from their original Japanese super sentai counterparts. The film industry of Japan is quite well known for its production of anime and monster movies, and as the series features a lot of humanoid monsters better known to fans as “zords,” the action sequences were mostly carried out in the country.

Not confining themselves to the capital city, the original crew filmed the series across the country. They visited the landlocked Gunma Prefecture, located in the Kantō region of Honshu, to film some crucial sequences. Additionally, filming was carried out in Saitama, the capital city of the eponymous Prefecture, and in Yokohama, the capital city of the Kanagawa Prefecture.

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