Where Is Renee Biran From My 600-Lb Life Today?

TLC’s original series ‘My 600-lb Life‘ showcases the lives of morbidly individuals who wish to adopt a healthier approach towards life. Guided by Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, or Dr. Now as he’s popularly called, they begin to follow a customized lifestyle program complete with diet plans, exercise regimes, and lifestyle modifications. The common aim is to shed some weight and become eligible for bariatric surgery, but it’s up to each participant how they wish to follow the routine to reach there.

The series documents the daily struggles and activities of the participants and allows the viewers to track their progress. It also tracks them one year after they are featured, to get updates on their fitness journeys. One such participant who moved viewers with her story was Renee Biran, who appeared on Season 6 Episode 11 of ‘My 600-lb Life’. Let us find out how she’s doing presently.

Renee Biran’s My 600-Lb Life Journey

“Former plus-size model and `big is beautiful’ advocate, Renee, now realizes her mortal mistakes as her weight swells to 600 pounds and her health crumbles.” That is how TLC describes the episode about Renee’s medical journey, titled ‘Renee’s Story’. 53-year-old Renee joined the show weighing 631 pounds and was living priorly with her six children on whom she was fully dependent for even tasks like bathing. The Georgia resident’s troubles escalated when she began having breathing difficulties and risk of organ failure due to obesity.

In dire need of a life-saving bariatric sleeve surgery, Renee consulted Dr. Nowzaradan and became a part of the show. In her episode, Renee stated, “Getting out of bed for me is very painful. From my back to my legs, it’s just pain that I can’t even describe. Every morning it gets harder to move and harder to breathe.”

Since childhood, Renee had a long struggle with her weight- the result of a strained equation with her mother and being molested by her stepfather. To divert her mind from her troubles, her grandmother began comforting her with food at the age of five. Food became an escape for her, and she began weighing 280 pounds at the age of 14. Following a teenage pregnancy and an abusive marriage, Renee was left to fend for herself and her children after losing her job post a car accident. This led to her indulging men with fat fetishes paying to watch her eat online.

Having suicidal thoughts was an eye-opener for her, and she decided to take charge of things. After assessing her situation, Dr. Now put her on a strict diet and even made her undergo psychotherapy to deal with her trauma and food addiction. 12 months into the program, Renee shed some weight and could finally undergo surgery to reach a weight of 381 pounds.

Where Is Renee Biran Now?

After losing a total of 250 pounds on the show, Renee felt more optimistic about achieving her fitness goals. However, her problems were far from over as she got diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome in 2019, a disorder where the immune system attacks the person’s nerves. Renee constantly kept fans updated through her Facebook posts (now deleted), and informed them of her deteriorating health. However, she updated about feeling better in February 2019 and was planning to undergo surgery to lose her excess skin.

Another of her posts from May 2019 hinted at her tying the knot in Las Vegas with Ronnee Earl Roden. Renee also posted frequently about her beloved grandkids, and till January 2020 she was doing stable after which her posts became less. Unfortunately, the next news of Renee came in May 2021, stating that she had passed away at the age of 56. Her online obituary read that she died on May 14, 2021, and gained lots of love from fans and friends.

Renee was indeed an inspiration for many, and her determination is a reminder for everyone to work on their goals and lead healthy, happy lives. May her soul rest in peace and her loved ones gain the strength to carry on.

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