Where Is Shanice Croasdaile From Glow Up Now? 

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A competition as momentous as “Glow Up” is not only remembered even years later but is also celebrated by the few lucky participants that get the chance to showcase their talent on a platform like this. When submissions for its second season began, BBC Three received millions of fiercest ‘glow-ups’ from burgeoning make-up artists from all around the world. Only the remarkable 10 were chosen and Netflix took them on a 10 weeks-long journey in which one was eliminated each week. Ophelia Liu emerged as the talented winner who has been crowned with the chance to work with the fashion industry’s most admirable personalities. 

Shanice’s passion brought her to this competition but she was sent home only in the second week when she failed to impress the panel of judges comprised of beauty experts Val Garland and Dominic Skinner. She got eliminated due to her inability to create realistic freckles on her model’s face.

Who is Shanice Croasdaile?

The bubbly woman with the prettiest smile and a blue lip, Shanice is a mother of a one-year-old daughter, Darcy. In an interview, she tells her fans that she ha started experimenting with make-up when she was just 12. She even left school to take up a course in beauty therapy at South East College in Essex. But it stagnated her creative side, so after its completion, Shanice explored her potential on her own. She admits to having been in love with make-up all her life. 

Shanice got her inspiration to build a full-time career in this industry after her baby girl was born. She quit the six-year-long office job that she deeply dreaded working on and started taking her creative instincts seriously. She truly admires legendary fashions figures like Rachel Duffy, Jordan Hanz, and Krystal Dawn, and aims to follow their footsteps. 

Where is Shanice Croasdaile Now?

Shanice admits in an interview that being a full-time mom, she is, “literally fitting make-up looks around washing bottles and changing nappies. But in this competition, I’m not Mum, I’m Shanice the make-up artist.” So undoubtedly, she has her hands full with her toddler and is dedicating the rest of her time to creating bold make-up looks. She has also been speaking about the importance of mental health and the issues surrounding it on her social media account. 

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