Ashley Manfre: Stalking Survivor is a Successful Entrepreneur Today

Netflix’s ‘I Am a Stalker: Extreme Best Friends’ features how James Corpus’ behavior landed him in jail for stalking a friend, Ashley Manfre. The two started as friends, but soon, he began stealing from her and eventually tried to contact her repeatedly against her wishes. In the end, the authorities got involved, leading to a prison sentence for James. So, if you’re wondering how Ashley has been doing since then, here’s what we know.

Who is Ashley Manfre?

Ashley Manfre first met James at a restaurant in 2009. She had come in to help a friend manage the place; he was a line cook at the time. On the show, Ashley mentioned that she felt protective of James, and the two became good friends. Yet once the restaurant closed, they drifted apart; by 2014, she had been running her own business: a party rental company.

James contacted Ashley, who was looking for employment, and she hired him to do odd jobs for her. She felt she could trust him, and he got close to her family. But trouble started about four years after James began working for Ashley. Per the show, he struggled with alcohol and took off with her van, later crashing it. The authorities found James’ phone in the vehicle, though when Ashley confronted him, he tried to deny it.

However, in September 2018, James admitted to the car theft and was detained for a while. Sometime later, Ashley learned that her cards kept getting declined. At the time, she was still in school and had to make a payment. According to the show, she learned from the bank that all her money had been transferred to James’ account and that he had also used her credit cards; Ashley had lost about $120,000.

Ashley had had enough of James and didn’t want him to contact her anymore. Yet, he kept trying to reach her via phone and social media, prompting her to get a no-contact order. Despite that, James called Ashley from an unknown number towards the end of October 2018, leading to his arrest. Then, an inmate claimed that the former drew up her house plans, gave him her security codes, and told him that he wanted her “silenced.” In the end, James was sentenced to a lengthy prison term.

Where is Ashley Manfre Today?

After everything happened, Ashley mentioned on the show that she felt like someone was watching her everywhere she went for the longest time. At one point, she called the police after she claimed to have seen someone outside her house. However, a search revealed nothing.

Today, Ashley seems to be doing much better and lives in Dyer, Indiana. She has an associate’s degree in business administration and management. Additionally, Ashley is a successful entrepreneur, owns several businesses, and works in the wellness and fitness service industry. On the personal front, she is also a loving mother to a son.

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