Where is Terry Dwayne Morrison Now? I Am a Stalker Update

On Netflix’s ‘I Am a Stalker: Close to Death,’ the viewers learn about Terry Dwayne Morrison’s crimes. After meeting a woman online, he began stalking her obsessively after their relationship ended. As the situation escalated, the authorities got involved and learned that he had been implicated in a murder a few years prior. So, if you’re wondering what happened to Terry since then and where he might be today, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Terry Dwayne Morrison?

Terry Dwayne Morrison grew up in Dallas, Texas, and endured a difficult childhood. On the show, he mentioned that his father physically abused his mother, and he and his brothers tried to shield her from it. After running away from home at a young age, Terry ran with local gangs as a teenager. Then, in 2013, at 50, he met a woman named Sadie online; she was a nurse at the time.

The two began dating, and Terry moved in with Sadie after a few months together. As per the show, he had been kicked out of the house he was living in, and the latter told him that his staying with her was a temporary arrangement. Then, Sadie claimed that Terry’s behavior started changing, with him becoming possessive over time and, in one instance, choking her when she was about to sleep.

By December 2013, Sadie had moved out of her home to live with her daughter, but Terry seemed relentless. Even when she went into hiding in March 2014, he harassed her family and tried to find her location. As per the show, Sadie got an ex-parte restraining order against Terry. However, she also wanted to resume her studies, so she began attending college. After intimating campus security about Terry, it was revealed that he showed up on campus twice, being arrested both times. He was charged with aggravated stalking in April 2014.

The police found a notebook in Terry’s car that had threats against Sadie’s life. After he was sentenced to prison for stalking, the authorities began re-investigating a murder in September 2011. Pristina Tyner was shot on the stairs of a hotel in Springfield, Missouri, and later died at the hospital. At the time, she was in one of the rooms with another woman, Christine Casper. Initially, Christine told the police about seeing Terry enter the room before he chased Pristine out. She even picked him out of a lineup.

When the authorities questioned Terry concerning the case, he admitted to knowing Pristina and said he was supposed to meet her at the hotel. However, he denied going there. When asked why she would be killed, Terry said, “Maybe it was because she was a snitch.” But the case didn’t go to trial back then because Christine changed her testimony, saying she could not identify the shooter and was scared for her life.

According to the show, Sadie told the police that Terry had admitted to killing Pristina during one of their conversations. Eventually, they found two other witnesses who placed him at the scene. Keith Like and Darryle Dancy claimed to be with him at the time of the incident; they had driven down to the hotel after drinking and smoking weed on the porch of a man named Shorty. They stated that Shorty drove them all to the hotel.

Where is Terry Dwayne Morrison Today?

Eventually, Christina also testified, saying she remembered Terry entering their hotel room before engaging in a scuffle with her and Pristina. When the latter ran out, Christina claimed Terry chased her. While none of the witnesses saw him shoot Pristina, they placed him at the scene and said they heard what they thought was a gunshot. Furthermore, a piece of paper in the room had Terry’s phone number. At the time of the trial, all three had been in prison for unrelated charges.

In March 2018, Terry, then 55, was convicted of second-degree murder and armed criminal action. By then, he had already been found guilty of aggravated stalking and was sentenced to four years in prison. In June 2018, Terry was sentenced to life in prison for the murder and an additional 100 years for armed criminal action. He maintained his innocence and said, “I’m going to prison probably for the rest of my life for a crime that I didn’t commit.” Records indicate Terry remains incarcerated at the South Central Correctional Center in Licking, Missouri.

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