Where Is The Villains of Valley View Filmed?

Image Credit: Justin Stephens/Disney

The dynamic duo of Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore (who were behind Disney’s ‘Lab Rats’) conjured the supernatural comedy series ‘The Villains of Valley View.’ The Disney original series follows teenage supervillain Havoc through her exile. After standing up against the head of the League of Villains, she and her not-so-normal family are forced to move to a serene suburban locale in Texas. Havoc must hide her identity and become Amy with spirited neighbor Hartley on her back.

At the same time, Havoc and her family must embrace being normal, something they have fought against their entire lives. Since its release, the show has caused quite a buzz thanks to its comic ambiance and mingling of the mundane with the superhero genre (more like a supervillain, in this case). Most of the story unfolds in the sleepy and demure Texan suburb, which ties the familial story with a small-town ambiance. However, you must wonder where the series is filmed. If you are trying to hunt down the filming locations, allow us to take you to the places.

The Villains of Valley View Filming Locations

‘The Villains of Valley View’ is filmed in California and Texas, especially in Los Angeles and Cooke County. Principal photography for the first season commenced in later 2021, possibly in November, and is likely still underway. Jim Jones, the production designer of ‘I Love Frankie,’ came on board to handle the show’s production design. Other than popular filming states like California and Georgia, Texas is also a prime choice for filmmakers and producers. The South Central state features a sunny backdrop, a range of terrains, and film-friendly areas, from El Paso to Dallas. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the series is filmed.

Los Angeles, California

Several segments are filmed in and around Los Angeles and the 30-mile studio zone in California. Situated not far from the Pacific Coastline, Los Angeles is a dreamy, temperate, and exciting city that showcases an eclectic mix of cultures. Los Angeles-based It’s a Laugh Productions, a division of Disney Brand Television, produces the show. Therefore, it is only natural that the cast and crew film scenes in and around the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Most filming for the show takes place in a controlled studio environment, possibly in the Sunset Las Palmas Studios (formerly Hollywood Center Studios). Located at 1040 North Las Palmas Avenue in Los Angeles, the central Hollywood production facility has housed iconic Disney original shows, from ‘Hannah Montana’ to ‘Good Luck Charlie.’

Cooke County, Texas

Most of the story unfolds in Valley View, a small township of Texas where Havoc and her family are banished. Consequentially, apart from the studio work, the production team seemingly filmed scenes on location in Texas. They visited the cozy little Texan community town of Valley View in the northern Cooke County of the state. The settlement of 794 is located not far from Lake Ray Roberts, as it features lush greenery, resorts, and the Firelight Vineyards.

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