Where Is Todd Tilghman From The Voice Now?

Todd Tilghman thought of himself as a decent singer until ‘The Voice’ turned his life around in the best way possible. In addition to being a respected clergyman, he has now become a celebrity figure across the world and specifically, in his city. This became prominent after his townsmen gave him the warmest welcome with a celebratory parade on his return to Meridian.

While it took the musician some time to sink it all in, he is now ready to dive into his music career as his primary vocation. Naturally, fans have been wondering about what the musician has been up to since the show wrapped up in May 2020? Here is everything we have found out!

Who Is Todd Tilghman?

Todd Tilghman is the lead pastor of Cornerstone Church at his hometown, Meridian, located in Mississippi, the U.S. He received national recognition after being crowned the winner of season 18 of the popular American singing reality series – ‘The Voice.’ The father of eight was an unconventional contestant since the start as he auditioned on the show with little to no performing experience. The novice not only garnered much appreciation for his singing skills but also savored an all-four-chairs-turn response from the judges. To top it all off, the 42-year-old is the oldest contestant to have won in the franchise’s history, beating Josh Kaufman’s record.

Picture Credit: Todd Tilghman/Instagram

The champion has an extremely blissful married life as he is one of the few lucky people who get to spend the rest of their lives with their high school sweetheart. Todd has been committed to Brooke for over two decades now, and the pair co-parent eight children together. They have also extended the Tilghman family by adopting two baby-girls. After his winning season premiered on national television, the world was shaken by the novel coronavirus’ global impact. The singing champion was left with no choice but to put his touring plans and scheduled gigs on hold.

Picture Credit: Todd Tilghman/Instagram

Where Is Todd Tilghman Today?

Following his historic win, Todd returned to ‘The Voice’ stage on May 28, 2020, to perform a Livestream concert for his dedicated fanbase who watched it on Facebook. After a few months, while everyone was trying their best to cope with the new normal, he and his wife partnered up to work on a special project, that is, penning down a book together that they have titled ‘Every Little Win.’ The pages are meant to hold Todd’s story of success and his everyday life before achieving it.

Picture Credit: Todd Tilghman/Instagram

He went back to his old routine of giving sermons at his church and taking care of his family. Todd did not want to engulf himself right away into the music industry without learning a few tricks and tips from the right people. To save himself from being nibbled away by “sharks,” he had planned a couple of trips to Nashville, which included him choosing a dependable manager. Most of the arrangements had to be canceled or postponed indefinitely.

On the bright side, some of the venues have re-opened lately. Live performances in Tennessee have completely swamped the aspiring “soul country” musician for the last couple of months. He has also been working on his new album release and piecing it together with cover shoots and other technicalities. With a whopping $100,000 cash prize and a record deal under his belt, surely the sky is the limit for the extremely talented ‘The Voice’ alum.

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