Where is Too Close Filmed?

Created by Clara Salaman, ‘Too Close’ is a psychological drama series that centers upon Dr. Emma Robertson (Emily Watson), a forensic psychiatrist called upon for the assessment of Connie, who is accused of an abominable crime. Although Emma has a lot of experience in her field and has previously dealt with numerous criminals, Connie can somehow get the better of her. She delves deeper into the psychiatrist’s insecurities and plays with her mind.

As days pass, Emma begins to realize that Connie is no ordinary criminal, and the psychiatrist must fight back against her complex psychological games to carry out the responsibilities she has been entrusted with. The captivating plot and visuals of the show can get anyone hooked, with many fans getting curious about the show’s filming locations. If you are looking for similar information, we have got your back!

Too Close Filming Locations

‘Too Close’ is filmed entirely in England in the United Kingdom. The country has had a significant impact on the history of cinema and television. It is responsible for producing some of the most commercially successful films and TV shows in the last few decades—furthermore, several iconic actors and directors of the previous century hail from this country. Surrounded by Scotland to its north and Wales to its west, England used to be a seat of power for the British empire, whose imperial goals have left an indelible mark on human history.

Even today, England continues to have a considerable influence on the global entertainment and art industry, education, fashion, finance, and much more. Shooting for ‘Too Close’ is done in several locations in the country, so let’s jump right in and learn more about them!

London, England

The principal photography for the thriller series takes place in London. Most of the scenes featuring Emma and Connie, set in the psychiatric unit, are filmed in the now-closed Holloway Prison. Located in Parkhurst Road, London, the prison was built in 1852, and since 1903 it served as a jail for adult women and young offenders until it closed in 2016.

Speaking to The Sun about her experience of shooting in the Holloway Prison, Emily ­Watson, who plays the role of the forensic psychiatrist Emma Robertson, said, ”We both thrived filming the scenes in the psychiatric unit. Actresses like me and Denise, that’s what we love doing.” Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the filming for the show was mostly done on a closed set, and visitors were not allowed.

Isle of Sheppey, England

Several essential scenes in the show are also filmed in the Isle of Sheppey. Located on the northern coast of Kent, the historical island is just 42 miles away from central London. In November 2020, some stunts were shot on the Kingsferry Bridge, which connects the island to the southeast English county of Kent. The filming led to a controversy as the bridge was wrongly closed, and several cyclists and pedestrians were stranded because of it. After being reprimanded by Kent Film Office, the crew later apologized.

Kent, England

The filming for ‘Too Close’ is also done in Kent. Sheppey Way, which is located in the village of Bobbing, is one of many shooting locations for the show. The cast and crew were also spotted in several other parts of Kent. Located in southeastern England, Kent has a rich history that goes back thousands of years in the past. Also known as the Garden of England, the county is famous for its castles, cathedrals, and wine.

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