Where is Who Killed Sara Filmed?

Netflix Mexico’s fast-paced mystery thriller series ‘Who Killed Sara’ or ‘Quién Mató a Sara?’ sees Alex (a very compelling Manolo Cardona who you might remember from ‘Narcos’) setting out to exact revenge on the Lazcano family for his sister’s murder. Not only that but the Lazcano family also wrongly framed Alex for the crime. Naturally, Alex has spent the last 18 years in prison plotting his revenge and is now hell-bent on unleashing his fury on the powerful family.

From grimy prison cells to the glamorous casinos and houses of Mexico’s elite, the show’s excellent production value brings back memories of the gorgeous ‘Narcos: Mexico,’ and takes viewers on a definitive tour of the Mexican high society. Want to know where the show is filmed? We’ve got you covered.

Who Killed Sara Filming Locations

‘Who Killed Sara’ is filmed in multiple locations across Mexico. The show is set predominantly in the affluent echelons of Mexico City, and the scenes are shot within Mexico City itself. A few scenes are also shot around coastal areas and local lakes for the flashback scenes of the death of the namesake of the show – Sara, Alex’s sister. Filming for season one mostly took place during the lockdown in 2020, with most scenes being shot on location. Let’s take a closer look at these locations.


The show ‘Who Killed Sara’ is proudly Mexican. Lead actor Manolo Cardona (who is incidentally Columbian), in an interview with Geek Vibes Nation, literally says that it is “…from Mexico, with love, to the world.” It comes as no surprise then that the show features Mexico City extensively, complemented by deft cinematography and high production values. Although the indoor scenes are shot mostly on private property and sets, we also see sweeping visuals of the city in the show.

Perro Azul, the studio behind ‘Who Killed Sara,’ is located in Mexico City, at Ingenieros 25, Escandón, Alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo, as is Netflix’s Latin America headquarters. The scenes relating to the flashbacks showing Sara’s death are filmed in relatively calm and natural surroundings. Additionally, there are scenes featuring casinos and large resorts, showing the extravagant lives of the Lazcano family. We believe that scenes for both are shot in and around the city of Acapulco, which happens to be Mexico’s largest beach resort destination.

An interesting point about this city is, despite its plethora of holiday offerings, Acapulco also happens to be the second deadliest city in the world in terms of murder rate, with many countries warning its citizens not to visit it. Foreign film crews in the past have faced trouble and have even had to abandon production altogether because of cartel violence in Mexican cities.

This trend, however, seems to be in decline, and with more homegrown productions like ‘Who Killed Sara’ being available to a global audience through platforms like Netflix, we expect to see a lot more of Mexico and stylish Latin cinema in general in the near future.

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