Where Is Zero Chill Filmed?

Created by Kirstie Falkous & John Regier, ‘Zero Chill’ is a drama series that follows the lives of 15-year-old twins Kayla and Mac. Both are sports enthusiasts, with Kayla being a figure skater and Mac, an ice-hockey player. The fortunes of the twins are changed when Mac is accorded with a scholarship at a legendary ice-hockey academy. However, the academy is in the UK. The twins’ father decides to shift from Canada to the UK to support his son’s career.

Kayla has to absorb the fact that her brother’s ambition is put forward, and she has to unwillingly sacrifice her own choice. The series follows the twins’ journey and how they manage to deal with the massive change. ‘Zero Chill’ merges the world of ice hockey and figure skating and thus features some sprawling locations that contain the elements of these sports. Moreover, the teenage drama also showcases some beautiful locations other than the ice-rinks. We got curious about the filming sites, and here’s what we found out!

Zero Chill Filming Locations

‘Zero Chill’ was filmed in England, with the major portion of the shooting taking place in Sheffield, a city located in South Yorkshire. Let us have a look at the specific details!

Sheffield, England

The major sequences involving Mac’s hockey practice and Kayla’s figure skating were filmed in one of the rinks at iceSheffield, an ice arena located in the Lower Don Valley, Sheffield. The fictional Hammarström Ice Hockey Academy was set up in one of the two Olympic size rinks at iceSheffield. Other than the sprawling ice rink, some other places in Sheffield where filming took place include Sheaf Valley Park, the Cholera Monument Grounds, and Norfolk Heritage Park.

Certain sequences were also shot on Stafford Road, Park Hill, a housing estate, and Broomhall, a historic district in Sheffield. The Clay Woods close to Norfolk Park, Northern General Hospital, and the Delta Force Paintball Centre are also featured in ‘Zero Chill.’ The producers selected Sheffield because it is one of the major ice-skating hubs of England. Former figure skating head coach of iceSheffield arena David Hartley was roped in as a coach on the series. Moreover, the crew was granted total access to the rink for the entire duration of filming.

The extras for the series were drawn from the pre-existing talent pool of the Sheffield ice-skating community—two former members of The Sheffield Steelers, the ice hockey team, were hired to coach the cast and crew. Sheffield has been the location for other projects like the musical ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’ and ‘Doctor Who,’ wherein the Park Hill flats appear extensively. The city also stands in for Belfast in the thriller film ’’71.’

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