Where is Netflix’s Drawing Closer Filmed?

Based on the novel titled ‘Yomei Ichinen to Senkoku Sareta Boku ga, Yomei Hantoshi no Kimi to Deatta Hanashi’ written by Aoi Morita, Netflix’s ‘Drawing Closer’ is a Japanese romantic drama film co-written and helmed by Takahiro Miki. When 17-year-old Akito Hayasaka is diagnosed with terminal heart disease and informed that he only has a single year to live, his dreams of making it big as an artist are shattered. However, he found a silver lining when he came across a girl named Haruna Sakurai on the hospital terrace. Just like him, even she is diagnosed with a terminal disease but only has half a year to live.

Although Akira and Haruna get closer to each other with time, the former decides to be dishonest about his own condition. Originally titled ‘Yomei Ichinen to Senkoku Sareta Boku ga, Yomei Hantoshi no Kimi to Deatta Hanashi,’ the drama movie features a number of talented Japanese actors, including Ren Nagase, Natsuki Deguchi, Mayuu Yokota, Kyoka, Ikuho Akiya, Kazuki Otomo, Rui Tsukishima, Toru Nomaguchi, and Kenji Mizuhashi. As the constantly changing skyline of the city features time and again, questions about its actual locations arise in the minds of the viewers.

Drawing Closer Filming Locations

Shooting of ‘Drawing Closer’ was carried out entirely in Japan, particularly in Kobe. Reports suggest that the principal photography for the drama film took place in the summer of 2023. The cast and crew members supposedly had a great time exploring the city when they were not busy filming. Japan’s natural yet modern landscape usually serves as the ideal backdrop for all kinds of movies, including a romantic one like the Netflix production.

Kobe, Japan

The capital city of the Hyōgo Prefecture in Japan, Kobe, served as the primary production location of ‘Drawing Closer.’ The skyline of Kobe features several tall buildings, landmarks, and monuments, like the Kobe Port Tower, Kobe Maritime Museum of the Meriken Park, Ikuta Shrine, Weathercock House, Meriken Park, Kobe Bridge, Kawasaki Heavy Industries building, and UCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd building. Since there are many aerial and exterior shots of the city, you might be able to spot some of these above-mentioned buildings in the backdrop.

In order to tape most of the interior sequences, the filming unit of ‘Drawing Closer’ seemingly took over a few actual establishments in different neighborhoods of the city. Situated in the Kansai region, Kobe has served as a shooting site for many films over the years. Besides the Netflix drama, its locales feature in ‘Love Me, Love Me Not,’ ‘Cyborg She,’ ‘Hatsuyuki no koi,’ and ‘The Stars My Destination.’

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