The Whirlwind: All Filming Locations of the Netflix Show

Created by Kim Yong-wan and Park Kyung-su, Netflix’s ‘The Whirlwind’ is a South Korean political drama series that revolves around the palpable tension between three major political figures of South Korea, all of whom want to seize power in the country. When Prime Minister Park Dong Ho finds out that the corrupt President collaborates with a powerful family for personal gain, the former sets out to get him assassinated and change the course of politics in the country for the better.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Jung Soo Jin steps in between the battle and clashes with Park Dong Ho to put an end to his plan and take control of the nation. This causes a three-way clash between them, bound to change South Korea’s history. Led by the powerful performances from Sul Kyung-gu and Kim Hee-ae, the political thriller show also features other talented Korean actors in supporting roles, including Kim Mi-sook, Kim Hong-pa, Kim Young-min, and Im Se-mi. Since the story unfolds in and around several official buildings and sites, questions about the authenticity of the locations arise in the minds of the viewers.

Where is The Whirlwind Filmed?

‘The Whirlwind’ is shot in its entirety in South Korea, specifically in Daejeon and Seoul. As for the principal photography of its inaugural iteration, it got underway in late January 2023. After more than five long months, the shooting finally came to a conclusion in July of the same year.

Seoul, South Korea

Major chunks of ‘The Whirlwind’ are lensed in and around the capital of South Korea — Seoul, AKA Seoul Special City. For instance, the exterior of the National Assembly Proceeding Hall at 1 Uisadang-daero in Yeongdeungpo District features in quite a few scenes. The building is used as the location of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, the legislature of South Korea. In order to portray the Blue House in the Netflix drama, the production team sets up camp outside the actual Blue House to record many aerial and exterior shots. Situated at 1 Cheongwadae-ro, Jongno District, Cheong Wa Dae used to serve as a presidential residence and the diplomatic reception halls of South Korea from 1948 to 2022.

Daejeon, South Korea

For shooting purposes, the filming unit of ‘The Whirlwind’ also traveled to the metropolitan city of Daejeon, which is situated in a central lowland valley alongside forested hills and the Geum River. In particular, numerous key portions are lensed in and around the Daejeon National Cemetery at 251 Cemeterywon-ro (Gap-dong) in Yuseong-gu. Reserved for Korean veterans, the cemetery consists of an outdoor exhibition space, sculptures, a Memorial Tower and Memorial Gate, fountains, and the Patriotic Spirit Exhibition Center.

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