The Amazing Race: Where Was Season 36 Shot?

Image Credit: Yuri Hasegawa/CBS

CBS’ ‘The Amazing Race’ is a reality competition series created by Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster that follows teams of two individuals who race against other teams around the world. The race also requires them to search for clues, decipher them, traverse through foreign lands, perform mental as well as physical challenges, and travel via airplane, boat, or other transportation options, while staying under the budget provided by the show. The winner of the competition earns the grand cash prize of $1 million.

Following a similar format, season 36 was fought between 13 teams of two who compete for the grand prize and bragging rights as they race across the world. Hosted by Phil Keoghan, the contestants in this season reportedly visited two continents and eight countries, making the viewers want to investigate the locations themselves.

The Amazing Race Season 36 Was Filmed Across Various Countries

‘The Amazing Race’ season 36 was filmed in two continents and eight countries, including Mexico, Argentina, Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, and the United States of America. As per reports, production for the 36th round got underway in late October 2022 and continued for three weeks or so, before getting wrapped up around mid-November of the same year. Since there is a lot of travel involved during the season, the teams and production crew were transported via a Global Crossing Airlines Airbus A320. Allow us to provide you with a detailed account of all the places where the teams travel!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

To begin the shooting for season 36 of ‘The Amazing Race,’ the production team set up camp in the Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta. The teams were spotted recording several scenes around Plaza Hidalgo, an urban plaza located in Puerto Vallarta’s Colonia 5 de Diciembre. The 12-block, mile-long esplanade, Malecón, also features in the backdrop of various sequences as the teams are focused on their tasks. They also take part in a Mexican rodeo.

Córdoba, Argentina

The city of Córdoba, which is situated in the foothills of the Sierras Chicas on the Suquía River in central Argentina, is another place where the contestants of ‘The Amazing Race’ season 36 travel and compete against one another. They can be seen racing rally cars across the city, with many monuments and attractions filling the backdrop.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In order to shoot the final episode of season 36 of ‘The Amazing Race,’ the filming unit and teams traveled to the city of Philadelphia, which is also known as Philly and the City of Brotherly Love, around mid-November 2022. Apart from the cityscape consisting of high-rise buildings and culturally significant places, the Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty also made an appearance in the episode.

Other Locations

The teams of ‘The Amazing Race’ season 36 also traveled to various other countries throughout the season, including the Dominican Republic where they swam through some waterfalls. In addition, they indulged in paragliding in Colombia. Chile and Uruguay are two more places where the competition’s 36th round was taped. Moreover, they interestingly also headed to the childhood home of Rihanna in Barbados. The host Phil Keoghan was asked by Parade about his experience of traveling to the Caribbean. He said, “…Not everybody in production loves the islands as much as I do. Some people like the bigger continents. I love an island. I come from New Zealand, which has got two islands. And I love the Caribbean. And I love Barbados, and I love the culture there.”

Phil elaborated further, “And I’m hoping that this might get Rihanna’s attention. I was so hoping I might bump into Rihanna. We could do a little duet together somewhere with the sun setting and a couple of pina coladas on the beach there somewhere, and we could sing an old Calypso song or something together. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, Mike. So, if Rihanna is [reading], because I know she’s probably a big fan of yours. Rihanna, this is a call out to you. We’re going to be featuring your beautiful island, Barbados, on Amazing Race. And I hope you watch it, enjoy it, and tell all your Bajan friends, wherever they are around the world, to tune in and see how we celebrate your beautiful country.”

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