Where To Stream Adult Material?

‘Adult Material’ is a 4-part British drama series that revolves around the truths behind the modern-day porn industry from the perspective of a devoted mother-of-three who has built quite a name for herself in the biz and is unapologetic about all her success. The show is quirky, at times funny, thought-provoking, and deeply unsettling. Created by writer Lucy Kirkwood, ‘Adult Material’ stars Hayley Squires in the main role. Curious about the plot of ‘Adult Material’ and where you can stream it? Here is all you need to know.

What is Adult Material About?

Jolene Dollar, actual name Hayley Burrows, is a hard-working and successful pornstar who has spent years building a reputation in the adult entertainment industry. She is rich and respected, but a bit jaded as well. Her kids are growing up and having a pornstar for a mother doesn’t make their school life any easier. When Hayley puts her whole career on the line to defend a newbie who is coerced into an anal sex scene, she has to go up against a lot of forces and confront her own dark past in the process.

Is Adult Material on Netflix?

‘Adult Material’ is not available on Netflix, but there are other similar shows that you can alternatively watch such as ‘Sex Education‘.

Is Adult Material on Hulu?

‘Adult Material’ is currently not streaming on Hulu, but fans of the genre can instead watch shows like ‘Sex and The City‘ and ‘Sally4ever‘. Hulu subscribers who have HBO Max added to their packs can expect ‘Adult Material’ to start streaming on Hulu in the near future.

Is Adult Material on Amazon Prime?

‘Adult Material’ is not available on Amazon Prime as of now, but you can expect to stream it in the near future if you have an HBO Max subscription added to your Prime account. If you’re looking for something similar to watch, check out ‘Fresh Meat‘ on Amazon Prime.

Where To Stream Adult Material Online?

‘Adult Material’ premiered in the UK on Channel 4 in October 2020 and is expected to be available on HBO Max in December 2020.

How To Stream Adult Material For Free?

As of now, ‘Adult Material’ is not available for free streaming anywhere.

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