Where to Stream ‘American Factory’?

The wide variety of content that Netflix constantly comes out with has helped the platform gain massive popularity among audiences across the world. Hardly any other streaming platform is ruling the entertainment industry with as much gusto as Netflix. Their all-rounded approach towards sourcing and producing content has definitely helped Netflix to a large extent in gaining and maintaining this appeal.

Netflix has produced a number of documentaries and docu-series over the years, and ‘American Factory’ is another important collection to their oeuvre. The documentary deals with the issues a Chinese-owned factory faces in Ohio. You must be eager to know where you can stream ‘American Factory’, and we are here to tell you just that. However, before we do so, let us walk you through what the documentary is actually about:

What is American Factory About?

‘American Factory’ tells the story of a factory owned by the Chinese company Fuyao in the city of Moraine in Ohio. The factory has been built on a plant once owned by the car manufacturers General Motors. Interestingly enough, the filmmakers Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert did not make up their minds regarding what should be the main focus of their documentary, but as time passed, they decided to concentrate on the many different problems faced by the workers at this factory.

Is American Factory On Netflix?

We have good news for Netflix subscribers! Being an original production of the platform, ‘American Factory’ is readily available for streaming on Netflix.

Is American Factory On Hulu?

After Netflix and Amazon Prime, if there is any streaming platform which boasts of the finest content online, it has to be Hulu. With its highly curated content, both original and sourced from around the world, Hulu has become a favorite streaming platform for a large number of people. Since ‘American Factory’ is a Netflix original documentary, you will not be able to stream the same on Hulu. However, the platform does boast of some amazing documentaries like ‘Jiro Dreams Of Sushi‘, ‘Free Solo‘, and others.

Is American Factory On Amazon Prime?

With an ever-growing base of international subscribers, Amazon Prime has always proved itself to be one of the biggest players in the online streaming industry. From documentaries to feature films to Tv shows- the platform hosts some brilliant content to keep its international user-base satisfied. Although you will not be able to stream ‘American Factory’ on Amazon Prime, you can watch other documentaries on the platform like ‘Before The Flood‘ and ‘An Honest Liar‘.

Where Can I Stream American Factory Online?

Since ‘American Factory’ is a Netflix original production, you will only be able to watch the documentary on Netflix. At present, ‘American Factory’ is not available anywhere else.

Is American Factory Out On DVD and BluRay?

Netflix does not release hard copies of its films and TV shows, and thus we can confirm that you will not be able to buy the DVD or BluRay versions of ‘American Factory’.

Where Can I Stream American Factory For Free?

There is a way in which you can watch ‘American Factory’ online without paying for the same, and that is by using the 30-days free trial which Netflix offers.