Where To Stream Archenemy?

Would you believe a homeless drug addict if they told you they were a superhero from another dimension? That’s the only question that filmmaker Adam Egypt Mortimer’s ‘Archenemy’ asks. ‘Archenemy’ is an edgy, gritty sort-of superhero flick that leaves the audience to draw their own conclusions as to whether the protagonist is, in fact, a superhero with lost powers or just a delusional man with serious psychological issues. Curious to know more about the plot of ‘Archenemy’ and where you can stream it? Here is everything you need to know.

What is Archenemy About?

The film revolves around Max Fist, a homeless drunkard and crystal meth addict who claims to have been stuck on Earth without his powers after traveling through space and time (from another dimension). Of course, the locals think he’s crazy. But a teenager Hamster is fascinated by Max’s stories and wants to know more. When Hamster’s sister becomes embroiled in a deadly tussle with the boss of a local drug ring, Max Fist goes all in to help the brother-sister duo, even if that means fighting evil villains without his superpowers.

Is Archenemy on Netflix?

‘Archenemy’ is not on Netflix but if you’re into gritty action movies, try watching ‘Ava‘ instead. And if you’re looking for edgier-than-usual superhero entertainment, you can check out ‘The Umbrella Academy‘.

Is Archenemy on Hulu?

‘Archenemy’ is presently not streaming on Hulu but you can alternatively check out ‘Maze‘ and/or ‘The Strange Ones‘ instead.

Is Archenemy on Amazon Prime?

‘Archenemy’ is available on Amazon Prime to buy or rent on-demand, starting December 11, 2020. It is currently not part of Amazon Prime’s roster of free content.

Where To Watch Archenemy Online?

Apart from Amazon Prime, ‘Archenemy’ is also available to stream as video-on-demand on iTunes, FandangoNOW, and Google Play. You can purchase or rent the movie on any of these platforms if you want to watch it.

How To Stream Archenemy For Free?

Sorry folks, ‘Archenemy’ is currently not available to watch for free on any streaming platform. As of now, this film is only available to buy or rent on-demand on one of the VOD platforms listed above. It’s always considered a good practice to support the arts by paying for the content that you are consuming.

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