Where To Stream Baby God?

‘Baby God’, a chilling documentary by filmmaker Hannah Olsen, follows the shocking and disturbing case of Dr. Quincy Fortier, a Las Vegas obstetrician, who secretly impregnated several women with his own sperm via artificial insemination, fathering dozens of children. The documentary, filmed over a period of two years, sheds light on the details of the fertility fraud and the identity crisis that many of his children deal with, all of whom are half-siblings ranging in age from thirty-something to seventy-something. Curious to know more about the film ‘Baby God’ and where to stream it? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Baby God About?

Wendy Babst, a retired police detective, took up genealogy exploration as a casual hobby after she retired but the DNA test she conducted revealed the life-altering truth that her father isn’t the same man she’d grown up knowing as her father. Turns out that Wendy’s mother, Cathy Holm, went to Vegas-based Dr. Quincy Fortier for infertility treatment when she was a newly-wed 22-year-old and he had helped her get pregnant. Only the sperm he had used during artificial insemination was not Cathy’s husband’s, but his own, unbeknownst to Cathy. The movie ‘Baby God’ takes an in-depth look at the many cases of fertility fraud against Dr. Fortier that have come to light since his death in 2006, and explores the possible motivations of this man who violated so many women’s bodies by impregnating them with his sperm without their consent.

Is Baby God on Netflix?

No, ‘Baby God’ is not on Netflix. If you’re looking for similar medical crime documentaries, then as an alternative, you should try watching the docuseries ‘Nurses Who Kill‘.

Is Baby God on Hulu?

‘Baby God’ is not available to stream on Hulu but the platform is home to many intense medical documentaries that you can watch alternatively, such as ‘Meth Storm‘, ‘Abortion: Stories Women Tell‘, and ‘Diagnosis Bipolar: Five Families Search for Answers‘. ‘Baby God’ should be available in the near future for Hulu subscribers who have HBO Max added to their packs.

Is Baby God on Amazon Prime?

‘Baby God’ is currently not streaming on Amazon Prime but should be soon available to those who have HBO Max added to their Prime accounts. You can also watch similar medical documentaries like ‘Code Black‘ and ‘Pregnant in America‘.

Where To Watch Baby God Online?

‘Baby God’ premieres on December 2, 2020, at 9:00 PM ET on HBO and HBO Max. It is available to stream on-demand starting December 3, 2020 (24 hours after its premiere).

How To Stream Baby God For Free?

We advise our readers to always pay for the content they are consuming but if you are looking to watch ‘Baby God’ for free, you can do that by signing up for the 7-day free trial that HBO Max offers its first-time customers.

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