Where to Stream Big Shot?

Created by the renowned television writer David E. Kelley and Dean Lorey, ‘Big Shot’ is a sports dramedy that revolves around a capricious coach tasked with the challenge to work with a high school basketball team. Unfortunately, his problematic behavioral issues, coupled with other job challenges, won’t make his journey at the elite girls’ high school any easier. In case you are intrigued by the show’s plot and wish to know more about it and where it can be streamed, then you have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Big Shot About?

Marvyn Korn is an irascible college basketball coach who loses his job and is left with no other option but to start his career from scratch. Unfortunately, his temperamental issues are a big hurdle that keeps pushing back his career. So, when he gets an opportunity to coach a basketball team at an elite girls’ school, Korn is challenged to let go of his past demeanor and adjust to the new trials that his job brings. Interestingly, the high school girls are more than eager to learn from him, but some of Korn’s quirks do prove off-putting for them.

As the story unfolds, he slowly becomes a father figure to the teenagers and helps them with the problems they face on and off the court. Despite his own anger management issues, Korn manages to instill confidence in the team and makes them believe in their abilities. Can this ragtag team of teenagers come together to chase and fulfill their dreams? Will Korn manage to establish himself as a respectable coach? Well, to find that out, you must watch ‘Big Shot,’ which is a gripping tale of struggle, perseverance, and second chances. Here’s how you can watch the show online.

Is Big Shot on Netflix?

Unfortunately, ‘Big Shot’ is currently not available on Netflix. However, we suggest our readers watch ‘Last Chance U,’ which revolves around athletes trying to give their best shot at junior college in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn their lives around.

Is Big Shot on Hulu?

The sports dramedy is not part of Hulu’s otherwise impressive catalog of television shows and movies. But the subscribers can watch ‘Friday Night Lights,’ which is a similarly themed show instead.

Is Big Shot on Amazon Prime?

Amazon subscribers will have to look for other alternatives as ‘Big Shot’ is not available on the platform. Sports fans can stream the documentary ‘All or Nothing,’ which chronicles the Arizona Cardinals’ journey over an NFL season.

Where to Watch Big Shot Online?

‘Big Shot’ is streaming on Disney+ starting April 16, 2021. You need a paid subscription to watch the series on the House of Mouse streaming service.

How to Stream Big Shot for Free?

Since the show is exclusively available on Disney+ and the streamer does not offer a free trial, it is not possible to watch the show for free. We always encourage our readers to pay for the content they consume.

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