Where to Stream Blood Brothers?

‘Blood Brothers’ (also known as ‘Blood Brothers: Civil War’) is a tale of how an unusual inheritance and the arrival of a mysterious woman drive a wedge between two brothers. The film is adapted from Guy de Maupassant’s novel ‘Pierre et Jean’ and has been written for the screen and directed by Jay Craven. ‘Blood Brothers’ features the acting talents of Christopher James Baker, Jacqueline Bisset, Gordon Clapp, Christian Coulson, and Diane Guerrero in the main roles. Curious to know more about this drama film set in the 19th century and where you can stream it? Here’s everything we know about it.

What is Blood Brothers About?

‘Blood Brothers: Civil War’ centers on the story of two brothers, Jake (Christopher James Baker from ‘Stargirl’) and Peter (Christian Coulson from ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’), whose relationship stretches thin when the younger one receives news of a peculiar bequest. To add to the mounting tension, they both nurse a growing attraction to an enigmatic young woman named Lucia (Diane Guerrero from ‘Doom Patrol’) who is a new arrival on their island. Complex emotions and intense psychological drama drive this story, which is much more than just your average sibling rivalry. It’s a fraught narrative of a family reaching its breaking point with elements of love, revelations, and betrayal mixed in.

Is Blood Brothers on Netflix?

‘Blood Brothers: Civil War’ is not streaming on Netflix currently. Interested viewers can alternatively watch other period drama films like ‘The Ottoman Lieutenant‘ and ‘Effie Gray.’

Is Blood Brothers on Hulu?

‘Blood Brother: Civil War’ is not available to stream on Hulu. Instead, fans of the genre can watch other historical drama movies such as ‘12 Years a Slave‘ and ‘Beloved.’

Is Blood Brothers on Amazon Prime?

Although it is not part of Amazon Prime’s subscription offerings, ‘Blood Brothers: Civil War’ can be purchased or rented as VOD on the platform. Interested viewers can stream the film on-demand here.

Where to Watch Blood Brothers Online?

‘Blood Brothers: Civil War’ is available to stream on the following on-demand platforms – iTunes, FandangoNOW, Vudu, Google Play, Microsoft Store, YouTube. You can also watch this movie in the theatres. Check for tickets and show timings here if you wish to see ‘Blood Brothers’ on the big screen.

How to Stream Blood Brothers for Free?

As of now, it is not possible to stream ‘Blood Brothers: Civil War’ for free on any streaming platform. We always encourage our readers to pay for the content they consume and show support for the cinematic arts.

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