Where To Stream Cherry?

‘Cherry’ is a crime drama film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. The Russo brothers were inspired to turn the novel of the same name by Nico Walker into a movie. The screenplay for the film was developed by yet another Russo, the Russo brothers’ sister Angela Russo-Otstot along with Jessica Goldberg. The cast is led by Tom Holland, playing the titular role of Cherry, and Ciara Bravo as Emily. Other notable cast members are Jack Reynor as Pills and Coke, Michael Rispoli as Tommy, Jeff Wahlberg as Jimenez, and Forrest Goodluck as James Lightfoot. If you were wondering where you can watch this movie, we have the answers for you.

What is Cherry About?

‘Cherry’ depicts the story of the lead character Cherry. It revolves around the decisions that Cherry makes and the consequences resulting from those decisions. Cherry is shown to be a young Ohio man who has found true love in his girlfriend, Emily. The couple enjoys their days in each other’s company till Cherry decides to start a new chapter in his life. He enlists in the military but his time serving is filled with violence and bloodshed, which inevitably causes Cherry to suffer from PTSD after his term is over.

Cherry takes up opioid addiction as a method to get rid of all the voices in his head. He soon realizes he does not have sufficient financial resources to support his addiction, and he starts robbing banks. The addiction pulls him into a spiral, and his story takes even more dark turns. Tom Holland shows a new side to himself as Cherry, much different from his role as the friendly neighborhood Spiderman in the MCU.

Is Cherry on Netflix?

No, ‘Cherry’ is not on Netflix yet. However, the platform offers many other TV shows and movies about individuals battling drug addiction and going rogue because of it. For example, ‘Breaking Bad’ (a chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal illness helps his meth-head student to make meth and in the process, becomes a wanted criminal) and ‘Feel Good’ (a show about a stand-up comedian who struggles with keeping sober while handling her messy new relationship).

Is Cherry on Hulu?

‘Cherry’ is currently not available to stream on Hulu. If you are interested in watching other movies where lead characters are burdened with their drug addiction issues, and it hinders their normal life, we recommend ‘Gia’ (a tragic story about supermodel Gia Carangi) and ‘Requiem for a Dream’ (four lead characters experience how negatively drugs can affect one’s life).

Is Cherry on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately ‘Cherry’ is not on Amazon Prime yet. The platform does offer movies and TV shows with similar themes. For instance, ‘Drugstore Cowboy’ (drug addicts rob pharmacies) and ‘A Thousand Junkies’ (a trio of heroin addicts tour the city of LA to search for what they need) are good alternate options.

Where To Watch Cherry Online?

‘Cherry’ is available to stream on Apple TV+. The movie is an Apple TV+ Original.

How To Stream Cherry For Free?

Apple offers one year free trial period on Apple TV+ with the purchase of an Apple device, a 7-day free trial for a new $4.99/month subscription, and a 1-month trial for a new subscription to Apple One. Apart from these, Cherry is only available at theatres, and you can check for the tickets on Fandango.

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