Where To Stream Four Good Days?

‘Four Good Days’ is a heart-wrenching and beautifully made drama film that tells the true story of a mother-daughter duo trying to make it through the incredibly difficult four days they need to kick the daughter’s drug addiction. Directed and produced by acclaimed filmmaker Rodrigo García, ‘Four Good Days’ is based on Eli Saslow’s 2016 Washington Post article ‘How’s Amanda? A Story of Truth, Lies and an American Addiction.’

Mila Kunis plays the suffering addict who is desperate to overthrow her addiction, while Glenn Close plays her burned-one-too-may-times mother, who will do anything to save her daughter and secure her a fighting chance. Curious to know more about the film and where you can stream it? Here’s everything we know.

What is Four Good Days About?

When Molly suddenly turns up at her mother Deb’s door one day, Deb refuses to let her in at first. This is because Molly has been a drug addict for the last decade and has repeatedly lied to, stolen from, and greatly hurt her mother, to the point that Deb even wonders if there’s anything left to do to save Molly. Ultimately, Deb decides to give Molly one more chance because she feels this time, Molly is more determined to kick her addiction to the curb.

A doctor at a detox clinic tells them that Molly needs to stay clean for four more days so that she can be injected with a substance that neutralizes the cravings and effects of opioids for a month, thus helping in recovery. And so begins Molly fight to turn her life around. Molly stays with Deb for the next four days and the mother, a constantly hovering presence, does her best to make sure that Molly remains drug-free for the duration of those days. Needless to say, the journey is not an easy one for either character.

Is Four Good Days on Netflix?

No, ‘Four Good Days’ is not part of Netflix’s otherwise incredible roster of content. If you’re looking for something similar to watch, we recommend streaming ‘6 Balloons,’ which is about an overwhelmed sister taking her addict brother to a detox centre while taking care of his 2-year-old daughter.

Is Four Good Days on Hulu?

‘Four Good Days’ is not available to stream on Hulu as of now, but viewers in search of similar-themed films can check out ‘Ben is Back,’ a moving drama about a mother’s race against time to keep her son clean of drugs at all costs.

Is Four Good Days on Amazon Prime?

‘Four Good Days’ is currently not streaming on Amazon Prime. If such intensely emotional drama films are your cup of tea, then we suggest watching ‘Beautiful Boy,’ a true story film about a family’s struggle through drug addiction, survival, relapse, and recovery.

Where to Watch Four Good Days Online?

‘Four Good Days’ will become available on digital and on-demand platforms starting May 21, 2021. The movie will be released in a limited number of theatres on April 30. We will update this section with the streaming links after the film’s release.

How To Stream Four Good Days For Free?

As of now, there is no way to watch ‘Four Good Days’ free of cost, especially since it has not yet released in theatres or on VOD. We will update this space as and when the movie becomes available to stream online.

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