Where to Stream It Lives Inside? VOD and Netflix Options Explored

‘It Lives Inside’ is a supernatural horror movie that revolves around an Indian-American teenager who has a fallout with her best friend due to her cultural insecurities, resulting in the unleashing of a demonic entity that makes her life a living nightmare. Written and directed by Bishal Dutta, the thriller film features impressive onscreen performances from a talented ensemble cast, comprising Megan Suri, Neeru Bajwa, Mohana Krishnan, Betty Gabriel, and Vik Sahay.

Upon its premiere, the movie opened to mixed or average reviews from critics who found its horror commendable and effective coupled with some important social commentary about prevalent issues. If you are a fan of the horror genre, you must be intrigued to learn more about this film, including where you can watch it. Well, in that case, we have got you covered!

What is It Lives Inside About?

Set in an idyllic suburb, the plot chronicles the life of Samidha “Sam,” an Indian-American teen whose cultural insecurities take a toll on her and her relationship with her former friend Tamira, who carries around an empty mason jar with her. Driven by anger, Sam ends up breaking Tamira’s mysterious jar, which leads to the unleashing of a deadly Indian demonic force. When the spirit abducts Tamira, Sam teams up with her parents and a teacher who work together to defeat the evil and rescue Tamira. Now that your interest has peaked, here are all the ways you can watch ‘It Lives Inside.’

Is It Lives Inside on Netflix?

No, ‘It Lives Inside’ is not a part of Netflix’s catalog. However, the streaming giant more than makes up for it by offering some other scary movies to its subscribers like ‘Don’t Listen‘ and ‘The Privilege.’

Is It Lives Inside on HBO Max?

While ‘It Lives Inside’ is not a part of HBO Max’s extensive catalog, the platform does offer some similar movies that are likely to keep you hooked. If you are interested in watching other movies with a similar concept, you can check out ‘Hereditary‘ and ‘Evil Dead Rise.’

Is It Lives Inside on Hulu?

Hulu does not house ‘It Lives Inside’ in its content library. Although, for those who found the premise of the Megan Suri starrer intriguing, the streaming service does offer other alternatives like ‘The Tank‘ and ‘The Accursed.’

Is It Lives Inside on Amazon Prime?

Although ‘It Lives Inside’ is not a part of Amazon Prime Video’s regular offering, you have the option to buy or rent the Bishal Dutta directorial on the streaming giant. To get more information on the same, you can head over here! For people with regular subscriptions, they can check out similar horror films on the streaming giant, such as ‘Pyewacket‘ and ‘Hellbox.’

Where to Watch It Lives Inside Online?

As of writing, ‘It Lives Inside’ has been released in theatres and some VOD platforms, including Vudu, Spectrum on Demand, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store, and YouTube. If you prefer to get an immersive viewing experience, you are more than welcome to check show timings and book tickets to watch the horror movie on Fandango.

How to Stream It Lives Inside for Free?

Given the theatrical and VOD release of ‘It Lives Inside,’ you currently don’t have the option to watch the horror movie online for free. All you can do is hope that it soon lands on any digital platform offering free trials to new users. Having said that, we urge our readers to stray away from any illegal and unethical means to watch the movie and pay for applicable subscriptions instead.

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