Where to Stream Jakob’s Wife?

‘Jakob’s Wife’ is a horror-comedy film that follows Anne and Jakob, a suburban couple whose life takes an unexpected turn when the former undergoes unnatural changes. Mysterious deaths begin to alert neighbors, and the couple starts to work on their marriage as the guilt of their past starts to engulf them. Curious to know more about its plot and where it can be streamed? You have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Jakob’s Wife About?

Anne has been with Jakob, her small-town minister husband, for the past three decades, but over the years, the middle-aged couple has been going through a rough patch. The suburban housewife looking for some change finds bite marks on her neck after an accidental encounter with The Master. It marks the beginning of her metamorphosis into a vampire as she experiences an insatiable appetite coupled with unimaginable powers. She becomes more courageous and assertive as the couple tries to cover up the crime committed. After decades of rocky marriage in which Jakob took his wife for granted, he now realizes that he must fight to get his wife back as she was.

At the same time, Anne finds herself conflicted between her old life and the new exciting but dangerous possibilities that her vampire identity brings. Will Jakob be able to get his wife back? Does Anne even want to turn back to her old self after experiencing her new powers? To find out answers to similar questions, you must watch the horror film.

Is Jakob’s Wife on Netflix?

Unfortunately, ‘Jakob’s Wife’ is not available on Netflix. Speaking of a husband helping to cover up vampire wife’s kills, ‘Santa Clarita Diet‘ is a really fun alternate watch. Subscribers can also watch ‘Sabrina,’ which follows a young girl who somehow manages to summon her dead mother’s spirit.

Is Jakob’s Wife on Hulu?

‘Jakob’s Wife’ is not part of Hulu’s otherwise impressive catalog of movies. We recommend fans of horror movies watch ‘The Cabin in the Woods,’ ‘Oculus,’ and ‘The Prodigy.’

Is Jakob’s Wife on Amazon Prime?

‘Jakob’s Wife’ is available on Amazon Prime as video-on-demand. Prime members can alternatively watch ‘Beneath,’ which centers upon Christy, who finds herself surrounded by supernatural powers when she returns to her home after her sister’s death. As unexplained psychic vision manifests into the real world, she is forced to look for answers.

Where to Watch Jakob’s Wife Online?

The horror-comedy film is available on VOD platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Redbox, Vudu, Spectrum, Microsoft Store, FandangoNow. People who are eager to watch ‘Jakob’s Wife’ in theaters can book their tickets here.

Where to Stream Jakob’s Wife for Free?

Unfortunately, ‘Jakob’s Wife’ is currently not available for free streaming, as it can only be streamed on VOD platforms or watched in theaters. We encourage our readers to pay for the content they consume online.

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