Where to Stream Port Authority?

Directed and written by Danielle Lessovitz, ‘Port Authority’ is an American-French drama film that explores conflicts that emanate from a struggle with sexual identity and preferences, which has become quite relevant in the modern-day setting. Starring Fionn Whitehead, Leyna Bloom, and McCaul Lombardi, it weaves a memorable story that touches upon crucial social-political topics through the lens of a curious and conflicted straight man. Interested in learning more about the film’s premise or where it can be streamed? You have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Port Authority About?

Paul, a young white man, is clueless when he gets thrown out of his house in central Pennsylvania. Unaware of what he wants from life, the twenty-year-old Midwesterner goes to New York City looking for answers. There, in the town’s dizzying central station, Paul lays his eyes on Wye for the first time, and a brief encounter with her changes his life in unthinkable ways. Attracted to her confidence, he gets closer to Wye over time and the two fall in love. However, Paul is unaware that her significant other is a trans woman, which begins to affect him when he finally learns more about her.

His previous perceptions are challenged, and he realizes that he can no longer turn his back on such matters. It marks the beginning of Paul’s journey to reconcile his views on important contemporary issues like sexual identity, but his enlightenment doesn’t come naturally. He has to wrestle with his old beliefs and the overwhelming conservative outlook, which is a bit dogmatic towards ordinary people like Wye. The drama film beautifully captures the complex conflict and encourages the acceptance of people of all colors and preferences. In case the premise sounds interesting to you, and you wish to watch the drama film, here’s all the streaming information that you may need.

Is Port Authority on Netflix?

Netflix subscribers will have to look for other alternatives as ‘Port Authority’ is not available on the platform as of now. People with a subscription can alternatively watch other similar movies like ‘Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List,’ ‘The Feels,’ ‘The Boys in the Band‘ or ‘Ride or Die.’

Is Port Authority on Hulu?

‘Port Authority’ is not accessible on Hulu. Subscribers who are looking for other movies on the platform can stream ‘Beach Rats.’

Is Port Authority on Amazon Prime?

‘Port Authority’ is available on Amazon Prime as video-on-demand. You can catch it here. Also, Prime subscribers can instead watch ‘The Last Year‘ or ‘Tatted Souls The Movie.

Where to Watch Port Authority Online?

You can watch ‘Port Authority’ on Spectrum. The drama film is also available on VOD platforms such as Redbox, Vudu, Google Play, Microsoft Store, and FandangoNow. Popular video-on-demand platforms like iTunes and are expected to include ‘Port Authority’ in their catalog in the near future.

How to Stream Port Authority for Free?

Since the movie is only available on VOD and live-streaming platforms as of now, it is not possible to stream it for free.

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