Where to Stream Tailgate?

Charles Darwin, the British naturalist and the Father of Evolution, once said, “We stopped looking for monsters under our bed when we realized that they were inside us.” The Lodewijk Crijns directorial, ‘Tailgate,’ is not a story of supernatural demons or horrifying apparitions that most horror films revolve around, but instead, it focuses on the monsters that live inside us and are ready to take over if we are not rational enough. The movie centers upon a clueless family on a road trip that accidentally comes across one such monster who vows to teach them a lesson for being disrespectful and unkind.

What follows is a tale of emotional and psychological torture that soon spirals into a deadly lesson. Curious to learn more about its plot or where it can be streamed? We have you covered.

What is Tailgate About?

A family ventures out on a road trip to meet some relatives unbeknownst to the horrors awaiting them in their way. Hans is a young man with two sweet daughters and a loving wife. Although his family loves him unconditionally, Hans is not only ungrateful, but he makes them feel miserable with his violent emotional outbursts and irascible nature. So, when the road-raging family man crosses paths with a pest control expert named Ed, whose van forces him to slow down, he does not hold back. Hans confronts the older man at a roadside shop and disrespects him in every way possible.

After foul-mouthing him as much as he wants, he continues his journey, unaware that the man he just met is a cold-blooded killer who takes people’s lives for fun. A few hours before the confrontation with Hans, Ed has just drowned a cyclist before dumping his lifeless body in a creek. Now, visibly annoyed with Hans’ terrible behavior, the pest control expert vows to make him pay. It marks the beginning of a cat and mouse game that can send shivers down anyone’s spine.

Is Tailgate on Netflix?

Netflix has some really good horror thrillers, but ‘Tailgate’ is not part of its current offerings. People with a subscription to the streaming giant will have to find other alternatives. They can also watch other horror movies on the platform, such as ‘Family Blood‘ or ‘The Block Island Sound.’

Is Tailgate on Hulu?

No, ‘Tailgate’ is not part of Hulu’s otherwise massive catalog of horror movies, so subscribers will have to check other platforms. However, we recommend our readers alternatively stream ‘Spree‘ or ‘Child’s Play.’

Is Tailgate on Amazon Prime?

‘Tailgate’ is accessible on Amazon Prime as Video-on-demand. You can head here to rent or purchase the horror-thriller film digitally.

Where to Watch Tailgate Online?

You can watch ‘Tailgate’ on Video-on-demand platforms such as Vudu, FandangoNow, Google Play, Microsoft Store. AppleTV+, Spectrum, and DirecTV also have horror-thriller in their catalogs. People from Great Britain can rent or purchase the film on iTunes.

How to Stream Tailgate for Free?

AppleTV+ comes with a 7-day free trial for first-time subscribers. So, cord-cutters can use the offer to watch the movie free of cost, provided they do so in the trial period. However, we encourage our readers to pay for the content they wish to consume online and refrain from using any illegal methods.

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