Where to Stream The Bite?

Starring Audra McDonald, Taylor Schilling, and Steven Pasquale, ‘The Bite’ is a satirical drama series that revolves around the new strain of a deadly virus that poses a threat to the world as we know it. Facing nightmarish enemies, the only option is to remain brave, but as the system begins to collapse, will the protagonists find the courage to fight back? If you wish to know more about the show’s premise or just want to check where it can be streamed, then allow us to help you learn all you need to know.

What is The Bite About?

Rachel and Lily are neighbors who live in New York City and have known each other for a while. Because of the dangerous strain of the COVID virus, both of them are forced to work from home. While Rachel is often busy with her telemedicine clients, Lily, on the other hand, is struggling to convince her Wall Street clientele that her skills are relevant in unprecedented times. Although they are of the opinion that things can’t get any worse, they soon find out the COVID virus now spreads through bites and is turning people into zombie-like creatures who do nothing other than infecting more people.

As the world around them begins to collapse, the duo must come together for each other’s well-being and confront the monsters that pose an existential threat to human beings. In case the show sounds interesting to you, and you wish to know how the story unfolds, then you must watch ‘The Bite.’ Here’s all the streaming information that you are going to need for that.

Is The Bite on Netflix?

Netflix subscribers will have to look for other alternatives as ‘The Bite’ not accessible on the streaming giant. Viewers looking for a similar show can alternatively watch ‘Kingdom,’ which follows a young crown prince who becomes the only hope of the common man in medieval Korea as a deadly plague begins to put them in danger.

Is The Bite on Hulu?

No, ‘The Bite’ is not available on Hulu as of now. However, subscribers who wish to stream other similar series on the platform can watch ‘Freakish’ or ‘In the Flesh.’

Is The Bite on Amazon Prime?

‘The Bite’ is not part of Amazon Prime’s otherwise impressive catalog of shows. But we do recommend our readers stream documentaries and movies like ‘Coronavirus Pandemic’ ‘Decoding COVID-19,’ ‘Aftermath,’ and ‘Dead Rising: Endgame.’

Where to Watch The Bite Online?

‘The Bite’ is a Spectrum Originals series, so you can head here to watch the show on the official website. The series is unlikely to stream on any other platforms.

How to Stream The Bite for Free?

Since Spectrum does not offer a free trial, it is currently not possible to stream the series for free. We do encourage our readers to pay for the content they wish to stream online.

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