Where To Stream The Cost of Winning?

‘The Cost of Winning’ is a 4-part docuseries that follows the Panthers of St. Frances Academy, Baltimore, as they overcome all obstacles to play at the national level, a harrowing journey behind them. The documentary, executive-produced by Michael Strahan (former athlete and TV host), is an inspiring tale of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity. Curious to know more about ‘The Cost of Winning’ and where to stream it? Here is everything you need to know.

What is The Cost of Winning About?

‘The Cost of Winning’ is a sports docuseries (spanning 4 episodes) that tells the inspirational story of the St. Frances Academy Panthers who were kicked out of their private school league, simply because they were “too good”. With the players’ college futures (which depend on sports scholarships to a large degree) in dire uncertainty, their coach Biff Poggi moves mountains to make (and play) their own schedule without belonging to any league and chart out the players’ path to college. The players overcome the issue of having no practice ground of their own by turning the streets and public parks into their training spaces, all in hopes of, one day, playing pro-level football.

Is The Cost of Winning on Netflix?

‘The Cost of Winning’ is not on Netflix. As alternate viewing options, fans of sports documentaries can try watching the Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls story, ‘The Last Dance‘, or Navarro College’s competitive cheer squad in action in ‘Cheer‘.

Is The Cost of Winning on Hulu?

‘The Cost of Winning’ is streaming on Hulu (with HBO Max) starting November 10, 2020. Only Hulu subscribers with HBO added to their Hulu plans will be able to stream this docuseries.

Is The Cost of Winning on Amazon Prime?

As with Hulu, only Prime members who have HBO added to their subscription can stream ‘The Cost of Winning’ on Amazon Prime.

Where To Watch The Cost of Winning Online?

Interested audiences can watch ‘The Cost of Winning’ on HBO Max directly, besides Amazon Prime and Hulu.

How To Stream The Cost of Winning For Free?

HBO Max offers a 7-day free trial for the first-time sign-ups, in case you want to watch ‘The Cost of Winning’ for free and you’ve never previously subscribed to HBO Max. It’s always best to pay for the content one consumes, as a general good practice.

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