Where To Stream The Right Stuff (The Movie)?

‘The Right Stuff’ is a 1983 cult classic film that follows the incredible story of “the Mercury Seven” – the first group of astronauts selected to fly spacecraft for NASA when the American Space Program was first launched in 1958. The movie charts their inspiring journey as this group of the best pilots in the country become the first few Americans to set foot in outer space. ‘The Right Stuff’, clocking in at a runtime of 3 hours and 13 minutes, has been called the longest film “without a plot”. The film, adapted from Tom Wolfe’s non-fiction novel by screenwriter and director Philip Kaufman, chronicles the first decade and a half of the American Space Program, the years fraught with unprecedented levels of danger and frustrations along with unimaginable technological advancement.

While ‘The Right Stuff’ was a box-office dud when it released in 1983, over the years, it has reached cult classic status and gained a huge fan following. Since it’s initial run in theatres, more than 35 years ago, the critics have hailed it as superlative cinema. Hollywood ace Christopher Nolan thinks it is an almost perfect film. Curious to know where you watch ‘The Right Stuff’ online? Well, we have all the details right here. But first, we’ll give you a short synopsis of the film.

What is The Right Stuff About?

The film starts with World War II hero and US Air Force test pilot Captain Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier and going supersonic for the first time. Then it skips ahead a few years to when NASA is founded and a team of the best and the bravest pilots is selected to form the first group of astronauts – the Mercury Seven. Yeager is approached but when he declines to fly spacecraft, the recruiters just say they rejected him because he didn’t have a college degree. But Yeager’s excellent flying and badass attitude inspire other pilots to sign up for the space program. The film ‘The Right Stuff’ chronicles the space missions of Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, John Glenn, Gus Grissom, Wally Schirra, Alan Shepard, and Deke Slayton, and their meteoric (literally) rise to fame alongside their families.

Is The Right Stuff on Netflix?

‘The Right Stuff’ is not present on the streaming platform Netflix. Viewers can instead watch the compelling documentary ‘Mercury 13‘ (about the female pilots who were overlooked for the first space missions because NASA wasn’t ready to send women into space then).

Is The Right Stuff on Hulu?

While ‘The Right Stuff’ is not on Hulu, interested viewers can watch the documentary on ‘Apollo 11‘, NASA’s most celebrated space mission that put man on the moon for the first time.

Is The Right Stuff on Amazon Prime?

‘The Right Stuff’ is available on Amazon Prime Videos for either rent or purchase as video-on-demand. It is not streaming content currently. For fans of the genre, ‘Apollo 13‘ is an excellent movie as well that you can buy or rent on Amazon Prime.

Where To Watch The Right Stuff Online?

Unfortunately, ‘The Right Stuff’ is not available for online streaming anywhere and can only be viewed as a video-on-demand on the following VOD platforms – Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Vudu.

How To Stream The Right Stuff For Free?

Currently, none of the streaming platforms have ‘The Right Stuff’ so it is not possible to watch it for free. We always encourage our readers to pay for the content they consume.

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