Where to Stream Welcome to Demon School Season 2?

Based on the Japanese manga of the same name written by Osamu Nishi, ‘Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun’ is a fantasy supernatural series that revolves around a 14-year old boy who finds himself in the perplexing Demon World, where he is challenged to adapt and keep his past a secret. Surprisingly, the kindness of the demon who adopts him and brings him to the Netherworld touches his heart as the two embark on an adventurous journey of self-discovery, secrets, and so much more. Curious to know more about the plot of season 2 and where it can be streamed? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Welcome to Demon School Season 2 About?

The fantasy supernatural anime follows an ordinary teenager Iruma Suzuki, who is sold to the demon Sullivan by his parents. Interestingly, Sullivan adopts him as his grandson and takes him to the Demon World. In the season 1 finale, Iruma comes to the realization that he now comfortably fits into the Demon World, which makes him a little uneasy. He contemplates Henri’s offer to get his memory erased and return to his old life. However, after a childish cooking competition between his friends Clara and Asmodeus, Iruma believes that he still wants to live in the Netherworld. In season 2, viewers may finally get to see Iruma get closer to Amelie, as the previous season hinted at a possible romance between the two.

Furthermore, how much longer will Iruma’s Ring of Gluttony manipulate him? It’s hard to tell, but it is undoubtedly going to be a crucial aspect of the plot of the upcoming season. Although by the end of season 1, Iruma appears to have gotten over his dilemma of staying in the Demon World or returning to his old life, future adventures may force him to reconsider his decision. He is also likely to become more powerful, but how much longer will he be able to hide his true identity? Season 2 of the show will explore similar questions and plotlines; hence it’s a must-watch for the fans of the fantasy supernatural anime.

Is Welcome to Demon School Season 2 on Netflix?

‘Welcome to Demon School’ season 2 is currently unavailable on Netflix. Fans of supernatural fantasy series can instead watch ‘Dorohedoro.’

Is Welcome to Demon School Season 2 on Hulu?

The series is currently not part of Hulu’s offerings, but subscribers can watch ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild,’ which follows a young man who is reincarnated into a magical world and is raised by the legendary patriot hero Merlin.

Is Welcome to Demon School Season 2 on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime subscribers will have to look for other alternatives as ‘Welcome to Demon School’ season 2 is not available on the platform. People who like fantasy anime can instead stream ‘Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul.’

Where to Watch Welcome to Demon School Season 2 Online?

‘Welcome to Demon School’ season 2 is available on Crunchyroll since April 17, 2021. Anime fans with a Crunchyroll subscription can stream the show here. The series will also be available on Muse Asia’s official Youtube channel.

How to Stream Welcome to Demon School Season 2 for Free?

People in Southeast Asia can watch the show for free on Muse Asia’s Youtube channel. Crunchyroll also offers a 14-day free trial for first-time subscribers. People can watch the show for free on the platform, provided they do so in the trial period. We always encourage our readers to pay for the content they consume.

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