Where To Stream What Lies Below?

‘What Lies Below’ is a horror-thriller film by director Braden R. Duemmler. It follows the story of a teenage girl who comes back home from camp, only to realize that her mother’s attractive new boyfriend is a sinister shapeshifter. The film stars Ema Horvath, Mena Suvari, and Trey Tucker in the main roles. The plot of the movie falls somewhere between weird “Lovecraftian” horror and mind-bending sci-fi thriller. Curious to know what ‘What Lies Below’ is about and where you can stream it? Here is all the information you need.

What is What Lies Below About?

Liberty – or Libby – is a dour 16-year-old girl who returns home from summer camp to find that her mother has a hot new beau. Libby finds herself attracted to John, an aquatic geneticist with a tendency to go shirtless often. It is only when John acts inappropriately familiar with Libby that she starts to suspect that behind his charming smile and perfect abs, John is hiding a sinister secret.

Is What Lies Below on Netflix?

‘What Lies Below’ is not available on Netflix, but people looking for similar horror-thriller films can try watching ‘The Open House‘ and ‘The Perfection‘ as alternatives.

Is What Lies Below on Hulu?

‘What Lies Below’ is presently not streaming on Hulu. However, if you enjoy this genre of creepy horror films, you would like movies such as ‘Body Cam‘, ‘The Lodge‘, and ‘The House That Jack Built‘.

Is What Lies Below on Amazon Prime?

‘What Lies Below’ is available to buy or rent on Amazon Prime as video-on-demand. It is not part of the streaming service’s roster of films that can be streamed for free by the Prime members.

Where To Watch What Lies Below Online?

Apart from Amazon Prime, ‘What Lies Below’ is also available on-demand on iTunes, Vudu, FandangoNOW, YouTube, and GooglePlay. You can buy or rent the film on any of the above-mentioned platforms if you’re looking to watch this film.

How To Stream What Lies Below For Free?

As of right now, ‘What Lies Below’ is not available to stream for free on any of the online streaming services. Audiences looking to watch this film will simply have to pay to either rent or buy the movie on one of the aforementioned VOD platforms. It’s a good practice to always pay for the content that you consume.

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