Where to Stream Zombieland Saga Season 2?

‘Zombieland Saga’ is a horror anime series that follows the intriguing journey of a girl who dies and then rises again as the undead, 10 years later. The story revolves around the girl and her undead friends learning the truth of their past lives as they come to terms with their present-day reality. Directed by Munehisa Sakai, the series can evoke interest in anyone, thanks to its captivating plot. If you wish to know more about season 2 and where it can be streamed, then you have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Zombieland Saga Season 2 About?

Sakura Minamoto’s dream to one day become an idol comes to an abrupt end when she passes away suddenly after getting hit by a truck. However, a decade later, she is resurrected by Koutarou Tatsumi as a zombie along with six other girls from different eras of Japan. With the hope to economically stabilize Saga Prefecture, he plans to start an idol group. Unfortunately, Sakura and the rest of the girls have no memories of their past lives. With an opportunity to help others, they readily accept Koutarou’s offer and form Franchouchou, an idol group of zombies. Hiding their true identity from the public, the girls learn more about their past lives as they embark on the mission to revitalize Saga Prefecture.

In the finale of season 1, we finally learn that Koutarou is actually Sakura’s friend, and he studied necromancy to revive Sakura so that she can fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an idol. He always wears sunglasses to ensure that she does not recognize him, and now that her memories are back, that is a real possibility. The heartwarming gesture of Koutarou shows how much he cares for Sakura and her dreams.

The upcoming season is likely to explore how their relationship develops from here, and there is no doubt that Sakura will be grateful for what Koutarou went through for her. But it is unclear whether she will want to return from the dead. Moreover, we are yet to learn a lot about other girls in the group. With so many unanswered questions, ‘Zombieland Saga’ Season 2 is undoubtedly going to be full of twists and turns.

Is Zombieland Saga Season 2 on Netflix?

Unfortunately, ‘Zombieland Saga’ season 2 is currently not available on Netflix. However, we suggest watching ‘Devilman Crybaby,’ which revolves around Akira’s struggle to stop ancient demons from taking over the world with humanity descending into chaos and the future of the world shrouded in mystery.

Is Zombieland Saga Season 2 on Hulu?

Hulu subscribers may be disappointed to find out that ‘Zombieland Saga’ season 2 is not available on the platform. But if you wish to watch another anime with horror elements, then we recommend watching ‘Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba,’ which follows Tanjiro’s journey to heal his demon sister and turn her into a human being again.

Is Zombieland Saga Season 2 on Amazon Prime?

‘Zombieland Saga’ season 2 is available on Amazon Prime Japan. Prime Video loyalists who reside in Japan can watch season 2 here. However, it remains unclear when the horror anime will be released for the American audience. Amazon Prime users in America can watch season 1 (which is available as video-on-demand) and check the availability of season 2 here. Alternatively, they can also watch ‘Dororo,’ which centers upon the thief and warrior duo that fights demons that threaten peace across Japan.

Where to Watch Zombieland Saga Season 2 Online?

Subscribers can stream ‘Zombieland Saga’ season 2 on Funimation. The horror anime is also available on Crunchyroll. Season 1 of ‘Zombieland Saga’ is available on Wakanim, but it is uncertain when season 2 will release on the platform. If you are from Europe, especially France, and want to watch season 1 or check the availability of season 2 on Wakanim, then you can visit here. Interestingly, fans can also stream ‘Zombieland Saga’ season 2 on VRV.

Where to Stream Zombieland Saga Season 2 for Free?

Crunchyroll and Funimation both offer a 14-day free trial, while VRV comes with a 30-day free trial. However, this offer is valid for only first-time subscribers, and we strongly recommend our readers to consume content only after paying for it.

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