Hullraisers: All Filming Locations of the British Sitcom

Created by Lucy Beaumont, ‘Hullraisers’ follows the lives of three women – Toni, Paula, and Rana – as each of them tries to navigate through life as best as they can while dealing with marriage, parenthood, their careers, and love. The British sitcom features Leah Brotherhead, Sinead Matthews, and Taj Atwal in the leading roles.

Based on the Israeli show ‘Little Mom’ — created by Lital Schwartz, Shai Ben Atar, Liat Shavit, and Yoav Gross — ‘Hullraisers’ has a lot to offer in terms of good storytelling and humor. The story is complemented by the gorgeous surroundings in the background, which makes one wonder where exactly the show is filmed.

Hullraisers Filming Locations

‘Hullraisers’ is filmed on location in England; specifically, in the city of Kingston upon Hull in East Riding of Yorkshire County and Leeds in West Yorkshire County. Principal photography for the inaugural iteration began sometime in August 2021 and concluded in a few weeks. Let’s traverse through the specific locations and learn more about the shooting process of the sitcom!

Kingston upon Hull, England

The story of ‘Hullraisers’ is set in Kingston upon Hull, commonly known as “Hull,” which is a port city in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The majority of the sequences for the show were, therefore, captured in hull only; a rarity when it comes to any kind of production, with a lot of them filming in locations that only resemble the place the film or television show is based in, or in a studio somewhere. In fact, the crew hired for the production is from Hull as well.

The interior of the Silver Cod, a pub on Anlaby Road; Larkin’s Bar and the French Restaurant Le Crepier Papin, located on New Avenue, are also used for lensing several interior and exterior shots in ‘Hullraisers’ and make a recurring appearance throughout the show. Rana is seen going on dates in these three locations, and a lot of the partying that takes place between the three women in the show happens in either Larkin’s Bar or the Silver Cod. Taping for a few exterior sequences also takes place on Goddard Avenue, specifically between numbers 55 and 57.

Leeds, England

The city of Leeds, built around the River Aire and in the eastern foothills of the Pennines in West Yorkshire County, was also used to capture a small number of interior and exterior sequences. The filming took place on and around Otley Road in Headingley; and in a local boutique by the name of My Style Therapy.

In an interview, Lucy Beaufort offered some insight into the production process. She said, “It was filmed with a Hull and Leeds based crew, which I was so chuffed about. You do hear about things saying that they are based in the North, and then you look into it and it’s like, No, it’s not! Everyone’s come up from London to do it. I was really proud that they could [film here]. And some of the crew, it was their first job. So it’s given them a leg up into the industry.”

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