Where Was Hummingbird Filmed?

Directed by Steven Knight, ‘Hummingbird’ essays the events surrounding a traumatized war veteran Joseph (Jason Statham), whose tragedy has manifested itself in perpetual alcohol abuse. Joseph wants to move on from his violent past but is inevitably roped into a future of violent crime. He has a subsequent run-in with a group of thugs, undertakes an identity switch (goes by the name Joey), gets involved in a drug syndicate, and participates in organized crime. Upon its release in 2013, the movie received average reviews from critics who were happy with the plot but not with the execution.

Nevertheless, the film has some remarkable action scenes, set against vibrant night skies that predominantly occupy it. Joey’s journey kicks unsettling tension into the audience as he is always unexpectedly dragged into the center of crime. But with good cinematography, comes a strong need to sit through the movie till the end. And that is precisely what ‘Hummingbird’ does! There is a certain appeal to the bustling city landscapes that hold the film in place. But where was it filmed? Let’s find out.

Hummingbird Filming Locations

Also known as ‘Redemption,’ ‘Hummingbird’ was filmed during the spring of 2012 over the course of eight weeks. It was predominantly filmed in and around London, England. Let’s get into specific details.

Dartford, Kent

There are two appearances credited to The Dartford Crossing, situated in the historic town of Dartford in the historic county of Kent. The bridge is featured during one of the scenes where Joey is driving a van. The second scene involves a lorry approaching the toll.

Soho, London

‘Hummingbird’ circles around Soho, located in the heart of London’s West End. The area is known for its jubilant nightlife typical of its numerous diners and shopping centers. Joey is seen furiously stepping around 59 Rupert Street, fighting thugs from a prostitution gang. A few scenes also take place in Old Compton Street, Tisbury Court, and Wardour Street.

Covent Garden, London

Situated on the eastern fringes of London’s West End, Covent Garden is known for its entertainment centers, including shopping and craft. It is also occasionally interrupted, or let’s say, accessorized by a crowd of solitary street performers. Joey’s rampant endeavors find their way at Covent Garden Market, comprising a few scenes in the movie, especially the West Piazza, the western part of the central market area.

Image Credit: Youtube/LondisLand

St Paul’s Church, specifically the garden in the church premises, is also one of the filming sites. Located at Bedford Street, it is affectionately known as The Actor’s Church because of its long-standing rapport with the theater community. The Royal Opera House additionally makes the cut. It is a monumental landmark known for its far-reaching theater influences that attract people globally. Most of the scenes were filmed in the night, which in the end piece together a cinematically enticing movie.

The Regent’s Park, London

The movie features The Regent’s Park, where nun Cristina (Agata Buzek) meets Joey and takes pictures of him. The entire scene was filmed in the Readymoney Drinking Fountain, east of Regent’s Park. The area is widely recognized for its sports-friendly architecture and hosts different recreational activities.

Image Credit: Youtube/LondonLandmarks

Chinatown, London

A few scenes were shot in Chinatown. The list of locations within the area includes the Dumplings’ Legend restaurant in Gerrard Street, The Feng Shui Inn restaurant, and Dansey Place.

Image Credit: Youtube/EpicMedia

Other Locations in London

3 Mills Studios, located at Three Mill Lane, also conveniently housed a few scenes. The interiors of the apartment Joey breaks into and the rooftop party sequence at Canary Wharf were shot there. Other locations in London include the Borough Market, Cork Street, Waterloo Bridge, and Queen Elizabeth Bridge. Scenes featuring the Chinese establishment were filmed at The Ram Brewery in Wandsworth.

Seattle, Washington

A part of the movie was filmed in Seattle, Washington, featuring the Indian Heritage High School. Famous for its youthful green forests, the Emerald City garners noticeable attention for its filming culture too.

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